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Miki Mullor

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All emails that are in Fehr & Peers possession between Kendra Breiland - Josh Anderson (DEA) - Kevin Jones (Transpo) - Natalie Price (Allison Partners) - Matt Samwick (STCA) - Lyman Howard, Cheryl Paston, Jessi Bon From June 1st, 2017 until today

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6/25/18 - Forwarded request to Fehr & Peers to search for and assess potentially responsive records. They estimate 1 month to complete their review and provide any responsive records. Final estimated completion date of request is September 28, 2018 to allow time for staff and attorney review. Will provide installments as they become available. - TCM 8/3/18 - Sent second version of files to requestor. Awaiting attorney-reviewed records, estimated to be complete by Sept. 29, 2018. - TCM 9/20/18 - Sent attorney reviewed records to requestor via Hightail and closed request. - TCM