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Curtis Chin

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Request received by email to Steven Chen. Submitted as a PRR to City Clerks by Haim Strasbourger.

Request references a letter sent to Kevin LeClair of KC Dept. of Permitting and Environmental Review Re: "City of Sammamish Technical Review Comments - King County Kensington Enclave Preliminary Subdivisions (PLAT17-0010)",

Traffic item #3: Add pipeline projects on 244th Avenue NE (Mystic Lake - 115 lots, Twins Ridge - 59 lots, Cedar Hill - 25 lots, 25th Street Assemblage - 14 lots).

Request reads:

"We are working on updating the traffic study for the proposed Kensington Enclave residential project located on the northeast corner of 244th Ave NE/NE 18th Street to address City of Sammamish comments (see snip below). We would like to request the traffic studies completed for the following pipeline projects located along 244th Ave NE: • Mystic Lakes • Twins Ridge • Cedar Hills If we could get the requested information by this Wednesday 8/1 (if possible) it would be appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions with this request. Thanks, Curtis"

Status Detail

7/31/18 - Request received by Steven Chen via email and forwarded to City Clerk as a PRR. Sent Cedar Hill TIA but referred to King County for Mystic Lake and Twins Ridge TIAs. Closed request. - TCM