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Matt Reider

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All Plats and Short Plats between 1999 and 2018 that utilized the residential density incentive as described in SMC Chapter 21A.75.040(6): specifically, staff reports; hearing examiner decisions; energy calculations; and/or building plans. This text may include conditions of approval, technical memorandums, memos, reports, plans, pan sets and similar. Departments included in this request shall be: Hearing Examiner and Community Development

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9/19/18 - Sent email explaining that the City does not have a list of this information, rather it is part of the planning files where it may have been used and all applicable planning files would need to be examined to located responsive records. Asked requestor if he is interested in doing this. - TCM 9/20/18 - Requestor has requested that the request be closed. - TCM