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Kleinfelder, Inc., has been retained as a consultant to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment for the properties located on the northeast corner of the intersection of 8th Street and 218th Avenue SE in Sammamish, Washington, with addresses 710 and 612 218th Avenue SE, Sammamish, Washington 98074. The Site consists of two King County Assessor Parcels # 1240700090 (4.66 acres), and 1240700092 (4.66 acres), respectively. Kleinfelder is requesting a file search for information regarding environmental concerns for the above-referenced site and immediate surrounding area. Please include information regarding any tanks and/or environmentally hazardous spills, releases, or responses. Thank you for your time and help in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or at (801) 261-3336.

CLARIFICATION: Most interested in:

1) Records/information regarding any tanks and/or environmentally hazardous spills, releases, or responses in association with the two King County Assessor Parcels (1240700090, and 1240700092) and all adjacent properties, and in

2) Records related to building codes or plans on the properties (main or adjoining) which contain reference to asbestos and/or hazardous building materials.  

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9/25/18 - Clarified request and provided expected completion date of 10/1/18. - TCM 10/1/18 - Located no additional responsive records. Closed request. - TCM