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Miki Mullor

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All electronic messages sent by council members Valderrama during any council meeting held after March 1st, 2018.

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9/26/18 - Requested clarification as to whether there are specific topics or contacts the requestor is interested in. Received clarification that the request should be interpreted as-is which is not topic or contact specific. - TCM 9/27/18 - Sent expected date for first installment as October 27, 2018. - TCM 10/4/18 - Provided installment 1 containing City-managed records. Installment 2 will contain a signed Nissen affidavit and responsive records from personal devices/accounts should they exist. Installment 2 expected October 29, 2018. - TCM 10/29/18 - Provided records from Councilmember Valderrama's personal accounts/devices. Awaiting signed Nissen affidavit, expected by 11/6/18. - TCM 11/6/18 - Emailed signed Nissen affidavit and closed request. - TCM