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J. Richard Aramburu

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Please provide any and all communication with OTAK concerning the Big Rock Vista proposal, including contracts, emails, and other communication, draft proposals, responses to OTAK proposals, reports issued by or in response to OTAK or anything else related to dealings with OTAK that could be in relation to or affect the BRV proposal.

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11/29/18 - Sent email with OTAK contract, Task Order 8, screenshot of email search and text message search. Estimated completion date 12/28/18. - TCM 12/24/18 - Sent second installment via Hightail with third installment (possibly final) date of 2/15/19 for attorney reviewed records. - TCM 2/13/19 - Sent attorney reviewed records in final installment via Hightail, informed requestor via email, then closed request. - TCM