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Request received via email to Sr. Project Engineer Jim Greuber on Jan 17, 2019.  Some of the request is for records, others for information. Jim to handle the informational requests while the records are handled via the PRR process.  The email is as follows:

Hi Jim,

Hope this finds you well. I am helping out on review of the damage caused to the residence at 403 222nd Place SE, Sammamish WA 98074 by construction activities near the property. We are proceeding with our own independent inspections and assume your insurance company or the contractor’s insurance company or both will want to examine the damage caused as well. In connection with our review, we have some basic requests for information so we can start ramping things up on our end.

Our basic initial questions are listed below. More will follow as we continue to fact gather and build out the team on our end that will be inspecting this and figuring out next steps. Accordingly, note that this is not a comprehensive list and does not represent all of our informational or other requests.

I also understand additional construction is anticipated. Is this construction going to cause as much vibrations, etc. as the previous construction?

I can be reached at 202 550 8056 if you would like to discuss. Note that we explicitly reserve all rights relating to this matter.


1. When is further construction expected?

2. Will this construction be of the same nature (especially with respect to causing vibrations and ground movement) as previous construction?

3. Please send us the RFP (Request for Proposal).

4. Please send us the IFB (Invitation for Bid).

5. Please confirm whether this is entirely funded by the City of Sammamish or funded by other entities. If others, please list these entities and provide contact information.

6. Who is the sponsoring entity / project manager? What is their contact info?

7. Were there public meetings regarding this? Were they recorded? If so, please provide recordings.

8. Were there any compactors or pile drivers used? What equipment was used generally? Please provide a list including the dates of use, the model numbers, and other pertinent information.

9. I assume that vibration monitors were used. Please provide all information recorded by the vibration monitors.

10. Please provide all pre-construction surveys.

11. Please describe the requirements of the construction contract.

12. Please describe the insurance required to be maintained by the contractor.

13. Please describe the City’s supervision practices with respect to the construction.

14. Please provide all other documentation that may be relevant to our ongoing analysis and review of this matter.

Status Detail

1/25/19 - Sent email with expected first installment date of 2/22/19. - TCM 2/22/19 - Sent installment 1 of records. Installment 2 expected by March 1, 2019. Requested clarification for question #14. If not received by 3/25, 2019, will consider that question abandoned. - TCM 3/8/19 - Sent final installment of records. Still awaiting clarification as noted in note from 2/22. - TCM 3/26/19 - Closed request as did not receive clarification on point 14, thus considering it abandoned. Rest of request fulfilled. - TCM 4/1/19 - Requestor sent email stating he could not access the files. Sent via Hightail. - TCM