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Henry Kieneker

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I’m trying to research permit history for Parcel #572650 0220. There is a new residence on the site, and I am more interested in the permits that existed prior to the builder purchasing the land on 01/19/2018. Thank you!

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2/8/19-Emailed expected completion date 3/18/19. AK 2/25/19 - Sent email update providing options for receiving responsive records. - TCM 3/6/19 - Sent electronic files via Hightail. Awaiting response for whether paper files are of interest. If no response received by 4/5/19, will provide them for 30 days. Will need to recall box DCD642 from Iron Mountain. - TCM 4/5/19 - Requestor declined reviewing the paper records. Request is now complete. Closed request and emailed requestor. - TCM