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Kayla Elliott

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I am requesting the records of the antivirus security solution used by the City in January of 2019, and if said security solution has since been changed. I would also like documentation on the ransom payment demanded by the hackers who infected the City's networks with ransomware in January, 2019. In addition, I would like to know if those ransom demands were paid to expedite the process of restoring City networks. This information is likely available through winning bid contracts, accounts payable filings, or cyber security memos. Thank you,

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3/12/19 - Provided expected completion date of 5/3/19 with expected first installment date of 3/22/19. - TCM 3/19/19 - Informed requestor that all records require attorney review for exemptions and there will not be an installment on 3/22. - TCM 4/18/19 - Sent responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM