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I am currently trying to add 2 block heights to my retaining wall to create outdoor space in the Sammamish town homes in my front property. I was told that any retaining wall over 4 foot needs to have a permit so I requested for my retaining wall permit since some parts of the wall is over 4 foot however when I requested it there was no permit. This makes it difficult for me to know what is required to apply so I am requesting for retaining wall permits for the following 2 homes in the community that have retaining walls clearly over 4 ft. Parcel # 7889500280 508 SE Heron Walk, Sammamish WA 98074 Parcel # 7889500250 549 SE Heron Walk, Sammamish WA 98074 If there is no permit can you please let me know. Thank you Sincerely, Daniel Hahm

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10/11/19 - Lita sent responsive records via Hightail on 4/24/19. - TCM