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Want service records/maintenance info for Tlingit Stormwater facility--shown on STORM BANDIT online tool of City's. (Do NOT need the Myron Anderson AS-BUILTs from 1983 as those 4pgs are online as 16579.pdf nor the 1pg D91053.pdf.) Interested in the maintenance/operation and any condition report for this stormwater facility, especially the > 160ft Pipe Detention Tank which is 72in diameter with flow restrictor along 205th AVE NE... which does have a recent square of paving around the drainage grate nearest house at #511. [Note: much of the Tlingit pipes are Corrugated Metal Pipes-CMP installed 1983 and therefore 36 years old.]

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5/6/19 - Provided expected completion date of May 17, 2019. After assistance from Stormwater team staff, provided responsive records via email and closed request. - TCM