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Michelle Herron

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I am writing to get an update on the current status of the following project(s); could you please send the following information, if available, for the project(s) listed below? * Right-of-Way acquisition date * LET date * Preferred alternative * ROW plans or any map showing before and after ROW lines for the project. If final plans are not available, I would request copies of any draft or preliminary plans. Project(s): - 228th Avenue SE & SE 8th Street Intersection- Roundabout Please be advised, I am no longer interested in the above requested documents if ROW acquisitions are complete or if ROW is not required.

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5/17/19 - Provided expected completion date of May 31, 2019. - TCM 5/28/2019 - Provided response from Jim Grueber and roundabout concept drawing but there were no records responsive to the request. - TCM