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The Watershed Company is preparing a critical areas mitigation plan for the Weissman property in Sammamish (parcel 4178700040). We previously delineated off-site wetlands in the west-adjacent Big Rock Park property, parcel 0424069213, in 2014/2015 (Sammamish Contract Number C2014-166). We also delineated off-site wetlands in the south-adjacent City property, parcel 0424069019, in 2018 (Sammamish Contract Number C2017-181). These off-site wetlands have buffers that encumber the Weissman's property and we are preparing an associated mitigation plan. We are requesting the AutoCAD files of the surveyed wetland delineation for these two off-site parcels in order to prepare the mitigation plan. We specifically need Wetland C from parcel 0424069213 and Wetland I from parcel 0424069019. Per a call from Teresa Smith at the City, a public records request is the best way to get these files. Thank you!

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6/11/19: Mr. Doughery emailed to cancel his request. LH " Hi Amy, Thank you for getting back to me. We were able to find the needed files in our internal database so I no longer need the records from the City. Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to do to retract this request. Thank you, LOGAN DOUGHERTY Ecologist (425) 822-5242