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Lauren Titchbourne

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1. All documents, communications, correspondence, plans, drawings, meeting notes, reports, schematics, surveys, and permits related to the real property known as Kestrel Ridge Townhomes (Parcel No. 3846800000); and, 2. A list of any and all individuals who worked on the subject property, including surveying, inspecting, and permitting. Thanks in advance for your help. Lauren                   CLARIFICATION: 2) Request records indicating any staff member, contractor, third-party consultant, or anyone else who worked on the subject property.  

Status Detail

6/18/19 - Sent email requesting clarification and providing expected first installment date of 8/30 and completion date of 10/4. - TCM 6/19/19 - Clarification received. 7/30/19- Sent email with first installment date of 8/19/19. Request to pull boxes from storage. AK 9/23/19- Sent to attorney for review. AK 10/1/19- Sent via Hightail all documents. Close request. AK