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In May 2018 former deputy city manager jessi bon instructed staff to verify the intersection los operational model to match conditions on the ground. Meaning that it accounts for congestion. In a recent email exchange with the city communication manager the city informed that such verification was indeed conducted and it showed the model was accurate Please provide the documents showing the verification results and details on who and when conducted the verification. Thank you

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9/5/19 - Provided Cheryl's response via email and included hyperlinks to referenced records available on City website. Closed request. - TCM 3/31/20 - Reopened request. Requester clarified: I'm looking for documents. This thread started as a follow up question to Kate but given Ms. Paston's response, it seems now that there are responsive documents to a previous PRR - which were not provided. So now it's a PRR thread. At a minimum, several videos were mentioned as well as an involvement of a third party contractor. It's only reasonable to assume that such contractor was given written instructions and had submitted written reports to satisfy the direction given by City Council in May 2018 to verify the Intersection LOS model on the ground. All these documents were were supposed to be returned in response to the PRR. None were. Instead, the City returned links to public meetings from 2018. Sent email to C. Paston requesting any additional documents