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Paul Stickney

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"And Yourself". Hello Melonie, Lita and Tammy, I am sending a pdf to you with an email string. In that email string Miryam Laytner uses the words "and yourself". I changed the color to red and drew an arrow to where she said it. An arrow to where I asked her to send me the info. In her email she directed me to do a public records request. Thank You.

Interpretation of request: Seeking communications to Paul Stickney sent by City of Sammamish staff which document the status of the Town Center/SE Quadrant docket item from R2012-519.

Status Detail

8/21/19 - Sent email to requestor with our interpretation of the request, expected start-work date of 9/2/19 and expected completion date of 9/13/19. - TCM 9/12/19 - Sent responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM