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Behzad Zolfaghari

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I am doing feasibility study to purchase the parcel 3575304500 for that reason I would like to get the resent Geo Tech report on the adjacent lot plus the foundation plan which was designed and approved for the adjacent house. In addition, I would like to obtain all the available utility storm, sewer, gas, electrical and water close to this parcel. I appreciate your prompt action in this regard. The adjacent house with 3575304430. 

I appreciate if you can provide me the requested information in a timely manner.

In addition, there is a public notice sign close by the undeveloped Lot which is not clear what in the notice for I appreciated if you can provide more information in that regard as well.

Please review and contact if you have any question in this regard.


Behzad Zolfaghari (BZ)



Monday, October 14, 2019 - Additional request:

Further investigation showed the cross street parcel his working on their site with the file # SMBLA 2016-00143. 20160701900011. 

I would appreciated to get any record on the parcel 357530-4916 with this file #,



Status Detail

10/8/19: Scanned documents from BLD2014-00046 and emailed to Mr. Zolfaghari. Recommended he call the Permit Center for sign information. LH 10/14/19: Emailed and sent additional documents per request via HIGHTAIL. LH