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Katherine Khashimova Long

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Kindly transmit to me all correspondence and documents (excluding publicly-available permitting documents) pertaining to the Sammamish Town Center project, including but not limited to correspondence with the project's attorneys, developer, financiers and PR firm, as well as internal correspondence, from January 1, 2014 through the date this request is fulfilled. I am the real estate reporter at the Seattle Times and request exemption from fees associated with these records.

10/31/19: Clarification: 

Dear Amy,

Thank you very much for chatting on the phone just now. I hereby revise my request as follows. Kindly transmit the following records: 

Correspondence (including memos, text messages, letters and emails) between individuals affiliated with the following entities and subsequently-enumerated bodies of the City of Sammamish, related to the Sammamish Town Center project, between Jan. 1 2016 and Oct. 7 2019.

  • Allison Partners
  • The Benaroya Company
  • Pillar Properties
  • Innovation Realty Partners
  • R.D. Merrill Co.
  • Livable Sammamish PAC
  • Plateau Investments LLC
  • Johns Monroe Mitsunaga Kolouskova PLLC
  • Miki Mullor (individual)

City of Sammamish bodies

  • City Council
  • City Manager
  • City Attorney
  • Planning Commission

I rescind my request for documents.





12/19/19- Spoke to Ms. Long on the phone. She clarified that the correspondence she is after is documents that are not "official documents submitted for project review" in the city's tracking system. Also she clarified that she is only interested in "City issued Cellphones" for text messages. AK 

Status Detail

10/14/19- 5 day response sent. AK 12/16/19- Sent first installment via Hightail. AK 12/19/19- Sent 2nd installment via Hightail. AK 1/7/2020- Sent 3rd and final installment of records via hightail. AK