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 I am seeking public records related to construction on SE 24th and SE 21st streets.  I am a property owner at 23315 SE 22nd St. whose lot is situated  between these two construction projects.  I've been to DPER in Snoqualmie looking for this information.  They said they that current information would come from the city of Sammamish.

 Could you please email digital copies of developer extension agreements or applications for developer extension agreements for the following properties?

 23210 SE 24th St, parcel 0324069014

 22830 SE 21st St, parcel 0324069031

22831 SE 21st St, parcel 0324069044

22843 SE 21st St, parcel 0324069054

22854 SE 21st St, parcel 0324069035

Finally, would you have contact information regarding any utilities tech review committees?  I am looking for the right people to talk to about utilities easements that might affect my property in connection with these construction projects.

 Thank you for your assistance.

 Regards, Stephanie Waters

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10/22/19- Sent via email requested documents. AK