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Paul Stickney

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I am requesting information relative to the number of developed parcels in Sammamish, in two parts. Part 1 - The number of detached single family homes with structures over 600sqft in size. Part 2 - The number of multi-family dwelling units within Sammamish. Note 1: These requested numbers do not include lots in the development pipeline, homes under construction that have not been finaled yet, or any proposed development in the Town Center. Note 2: The request of developed parcel is correct for detached single family homes. The request for multi-family is for total number of units, as one parcel may have many multi-family units on it. Restating, I am requesting the number of detached single-family homes that are over 600sqft in size in Sammamish, and the number of multi-family dwelling units in Sammamish.

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11/25/19- Miryam emailed list. AK