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Paul Mineau

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I would like all Traffic Modeling support files for 2019, 2018. When the traffic models were created, there were files associated with this effort. We'd like those files.

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12/10/19 - Requested clarification. If not response by January 9, 2020, request will be processed to the fullest extent possible with first installment expected by Feb 7, 2020. - TCM 2/4/20 - Spoke with Requestor via phone and followed up via email to clarify request. Will provide update by Feb 7, 2020. - TCM 2/7/20 - Provided update and sent records via Hightail. Left request open until March 6, 2020 before closing. 3/6/20 - Closed request. 6/10/20 - Requestor informed City that they never received the responsive records. Resent via Hightail. - TCM