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Kelsey Diller

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All public records for 3930 and 3930.5 (3930-5) E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE to include building permits and inspections, land planning, engineering and surveying plans/documents, all utility permitting and construction inspections, Fire & Safety inspection logs, code compliance reports/logs, complaints. There is a separate records request #3712 for UST. Thank you.

CLARIFICATION: Provide as many records as possible by Monday, 3/8/21 - focus on records from 2014 - Present.

Status Detail

2/25/21 - Sent 5-day letter with estimated first installment date of March 19, 2021. - TCM 3/1/21 - Received voicemail from Caron requesting whether the records could be provided sooner. Returned phone call offering to discuss further and possibly clarify request. As it stands, there are a large number of permit, planning, and code compliance records in TRAKiT for the parcel/address and likely more in paper records which will take some time to fulfill. Followed up by email with additional information. - TCM 3/2/21 - Spoke with Caron on the phone to clarify/prioritize request. Followed up via email to confirm. Downloaded files in TRAKiT and provided via Hightail as first installment. Next installment expected March 19, 2021. - TCM 3/9/21 - Sent email seeking update on clarification request. - TCM 3/10/21 - Received response from Requestor. Replied seeking additional clarification, providing information about the breadth of the request, locations still needing to be searched, and possible number/type of records to be located - likely taking 6+ months. - TCM 4/9/2021- Sent installment. Next due 5/10/2021. AK 5/10/2021- Sent via Hightail final installment. AK