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From: wtdebbie 
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021 9:32 PM
To: Tony Hudson <>
Subject: Re: Request for Parcel 0724069128 and 0724069129 Building Permit


Hi Tony,


Thanks for all of your help so far. Per the plat approval letter, there were 8 significant trees required to be retained, but only 4 exist now. Is there a SDP2017-00316 landscape replanting plan or other retention and replanting plan that justifies removal of the 4 significant trees? Could I see any documents pertaining to tree retention?


Also, are there any plans or documentation of flow control best management practices for stormwater infiltration?

Status Detail

2/24/21 - Request received by email to Tony Hudson on Feb 22 who fulfilled it today, Feb 24 and referred the Requestor to the PRR form for future requests. - TCM