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Requesting emails and attachments sent/received by Karen Moran using email address that discussed or requested information pertaining to City of Sammamish business during time frame 1/1/19 to 3/18/21. Requesting emails sent/received from government (County and State agencies), utilities (Sammamish Plateau Water) or individuals where a request that benefitted, served the interests or discussed a City of Sammamish position (example Sammamish Farmers Market). In addition, any emails sent/received between Karen Moran from this email address to/from council members Chris Ross, Christie Malchow, Kent Treen, Ken Gamblin, Pam Stuart, Jason Ritchie, Tom Odell, City Manager Dave Rudat, City staff or previous council members using their official or personal email addresses where they discussed City of Sammamish business, agenda items, voting or other council members. PRR info obtained from another government agency, it has been determined that Ms Moran has used this email address to request information pertaining to the City of Sammamish.

Status Detail

3/25/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 4/28/2021. AK 4/28/2021- Sent email. AK 5/6/2021- Emailed documents. AK