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Date correction for earlier PRR. To all City Council Members: The dates requested are from January 1, 2020, to April 8, 2021. Please provide all correspondence between Miki Mullor either 1) independently; 2) as a group together, or; 3) including others on personal devices and accounts including personal email, text messages, Whatsapp, Signal, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Pinterest, Snapchat, dating apps, or any other social media communication apps you may have used to communicate with Mullor; Please provide all scheduled meeting dates with Mullor and include notes of what was discussed; Please provide all telephone records, personal and business, that show calls made or taken from Mullor; Additionally, please include all calendar records of meetings or scheduled meetings made with Mullor; Please provide records of all impromptu meetings with Mullor and what was discussed. Please provide dates of all social or nonsocial meetings with Mullor. Please share any document you have that someone on the council has shared confidential information with anyone, or to Mullor. Please include Jason Richie in this request.

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5/28/2021 Sent installment date of 6/14/2021. AK 7/20/2021- Sent first installment. Next installment due 8/25/2021. AK 8/23/2021- Emailed requestor next installment due 9/3/2021. KK 9/3/2021- Atty needs additional time for review. Next due 9/17/2021. AK 9/14/2021- Emailed final installment. AK