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Layna Crofts

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#11 This PRR concerns the excessive ways that ex-Mayor Christie Malchow fights for her interests while ignoring the same problems for her constituents; because Malchow fought developers not to build in her neighborhood because of traffic, but then turned and underwrote the same problems upon residents in south Sammamish, allowing the people who voted her to take care of us, to be flooded by traffic in residential neighborhoods (up 300%) due to the dual school overcrowding 228th. SHAME ON HER! I would like to see all city documents from or to Christie Malchow about her fighting developers to build in her neighborhood, causing more traffic for her for the years 2018, 2020, to April 23, 2021.

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4/29/2021- Sent 5 day response. AK 6/3/2021- Malchow sent NA. AK 7/15/2022-PRR withdrawn per requestor. AA