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Mohamed Khayal has indicated that the other party, Kenneth Casey Peterson and Calan DeWald have submitted over 100 complaints to the city about Mr. Khayal’s building projects and that he had never had any adverse ruling from the city, for building, work hours, or anything regarding environmental sensitive zones. The Petersons have indicated they submitted 3, during and after construction, regarding construction, and that the city did find violation(s). We were hoping you could clarify this for us. The two parties are as follows: Mohamed Khayal, 4610 E Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE ; Kenneth Casey Peterson & Calan DeWald, 4604 E. Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE. We would like to inquire into exactly how many complaints were filed against Mohamed Khayal at 4610 E Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE, and separately, how many of those complaints were filed by Kenneth Casey Peterson and Calan DeWald at 4604 E. Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE, against Mohamed Khayal. And how many times did the city take action to remedy these violations if they were found. This information would be extremely helpful and hopefully allow us to resolve this neighborhood dispute faster. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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8/3/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 8/24/2021. AK 8/4/2021- Sent first installment. AK