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Hi, I need all of the documents and records pertaining to any of the building permits and/or related permits obtained for 4616 and 4620 E Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE for the construction of the two homes on those parcels between 2015-2020. If there is a “project file” for these two projects/properties that is what I need including any stop work order slips/ documents/ emails to and from the owners or contractors and any documented on-site visits or phone calls between the City and these owners or their contractors. The two owners are the Singh’s and the Khayal’s. Primary building permit numbers are: 2015-01492 and 2015-01493. There are other associated permits, though. I previously put in a PRR and received emails back but primarily what I’m looking for is documentation of penalties, fines, stop work orders, and documentation of conversations and communications (phone, email, letter, on-site meetings) between the city and these owners regarding code and ordinance violations on their construction sites between 2015-2020. Thank you! Please reach out if you need clarification on what to provide.

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8/4/2021- Sent first installment. Next due 8/24/2021. AK 8/20/2021- Closed request. AK