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On Connect Sammamish under the BLUMA EIS project, on May 19, 2021 a revised schedule (see below) indicates that the City was to receive the PDEIS by June 18, 2021. The staff then reviewed it between June 21 and July 16. I am requesting a copy of the PDEIS as delivered to the City by June 18, plus a copy of all staff comments back to the consultant team which were generated by July 16th for consultant revisions to the PDEIS from July 19 to August 6th. Thank you, Don Gerend; 425-765-6567 19 May 2021 As presented to City Council on May 18th, the revised Balanced Land Use and Mobility Analysis (BLUMA) EIS schdule is now available by clicking here. The BLUMA EIS project team discovered a scrivener’s error in the City’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan. This resulted in inconsistencies in data points in analysis for the Draft EIS. The most recent project timeline did not include time to resolve this previously undiscovered situation and has been revised as described below. Revised Schedule The revised BLUMA EIS schedule is as follows: Task Start Complete Determine accurate growth figure, conduct further traffic modeling, and chart a course for reconciliation in the EIS analysis Mar 29 May 7 Consultant Team develops Preliminary Draft EIS (PDEIS) May 10 June 18 City staff review of PDEIS June 21 July 16 PDEIS revisions by Consultant Team July 19 Aug 6 Final print check of PDEIS before issuance for public comment Aug 9 Aug 13

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8/4/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment date 8/26/2021. AK 8/26/2021- Sent draft EIS link. KK 10/5/2021- Emailed documents. AK