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Our office is performing a municipal search for the upcoming closing for the property below. Please provide information along with the document for any open code compliance case, any open or expired permits that require action, as well as any Special assessment (I.e. Unsafe building , Demo work , tall grass mowing ), including but not limited to any other unrecorded municipal lien or violation May I please have copies of the following items (if they exist): 1. Special assessments (open invoices such as tall grass mowing, trash clean up, snow removal, etc.) 2. Open Code Violations 3. Open/Expired Building permits 4. Please advise if there are any unpaid water and sewer bills with a good through date until 7/30/2021 File No: 757370 Address: 4030 236th Pl SE, Sammamish, WA 98075

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8/18/2021- No responsive records. AK