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Please send me all emails, and/or other written forms of communication received by the City of Sammamish in regards to encouraging the City to keep Dave Rudat as City Manager. These emails were referenced by a few city council members at the meeting last night on 11.16.21. I did check the Sammamish CivicWeb site and did not see them posted there - hence am submitting this PRR.


11/17/2021: Clarification received. 

Could I refine my request with a part Two. Part two would be emails

sent to City Council either 11.15.17 or 11.16.17 (last 2 days) about

retaining the City Manager/Dave Rudat/


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11/23/2021- Sent response with first installment date 12/10/2021. AK 12/10/2021- Need additional time. Installment expected 12/17/2021. AK 12/16/2021- Sent documents via Hightail. KK