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CM Cutter

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I would like the information requested in PRR 4192. The City's page does not display this information. In addition, I would like all documents provided thus far under PRRs 4053, 4069, 4110 and 4134 and subsequent documents as these PRRs are filled. [In addition, PRRs 3917 opened on 6/16/2021 and 3936, opened on 6/29/2021 are still pending complete fulfillment. [Agencies cannot withhold records based on an assertion that release of the records will cause embarrassment to an agency official or employee, and, as a general matter, cannot withhold records based solely upon the identity of the requester (RCW 42.56.080 and RCW 42.56.550(3)).]

Status Detail

12/9/2021- Sent installment. AK 12/10/2021- Sent installment. Next due 1/18/2022. AK 2/4/2022- Sent third installment. Fourth installment expected 2/11/2022. KK 2/11/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 2/15/2022. KK 2/15/2022- Sent fourth installment via Hightail. Fifth installment expected 2/18/2022. KK 2/17/2022- Sent fifth installment. Sixth installment expected 3/3/2022. KK 3/1/2022- Sent sixth installment’s Hightail link. Seventh installment expected 3/3/2022. KK 3/3/2022- Sent seventh installment. Eighth installment expected 3/18/2022. KK 3/18/2022- Sent eighth installment. Ninth installment expected 3/24/2022. KK 3/22/2022- Sent ninth installment. Tenth installment expected 4/1/2022. KK 4/1/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 4/4/2022. KK 4/4/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 4/15/2022. KK 4/15/2022-Emailed update that requested installments are not yet produced. AA