Public Record Request Status

ID Current Status Date Received Status Detail
970 Closed 11/04/2016 None
969 Closed 11/07/2016 None
968 Closed 11/14/2016 None
967 Closed 11/21/2016 None
966 Closed 12/09/2016 None
965 Closed 01/01/0001 None
964 Closed 12/20/2016 None
963 Closed 12/29/2016 12/30/16: Sent plan set via HIGHTAIL. MA.
962 Closed 12/29/2016 12/30/16: Sent As Builts via HIGHTAIL. Asked for clarification on additional documents. MA
961 Closed 12/29/2016 12/30/16: Sent As-Buits for Cedar Cover via HIGHTAIL. Ask for clarification on additional documents requested. MA
960 Closed 12/30/2016 12/30/16: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. MA
959 Closed 12/29/2016 1/5/2017: Forwarded request to Haim. MA 1/6/2017: Requested documents have not been submitted by the applicant. MA
958 Closed 12/29/2016 12/30/16: Sent files via HIGHTAIL. MA
956 Closed 12/25/2016 12/30/16: Emailed documents. MA 1.5.17: Sent additional documents from file via HIGHTAIL. MA
955 Closed 12/21/2016 Documents sent via Hightail 1/5/17: Documents for additional request ordered from storage. Should arrive 1.6.16. MA 1/6/2017: Emailed contents of packet. MA
954 Closed 12/20/2016 Emailed copy of title sheet from plan set. LH
953 Closed 12/15/2016 Sent copy of site plan - TIR and Geo-tech report. TH
952 Closed 12/19/2016 12-20-16: sent additional docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
951 Closed 12/13/2016 Hello Brittany – I'm sending you a 7-zipped file geodatabase with the features you need, plus a few others. For parcels, you'll need to grab those from the King County GIS Data Portal. We use the county parcels but are not the creators/distributors. See screenshot below for geodatabase contents. Let us know if you have any questions, Thanks – Beth
950 Closed 12/16/2016 12/19: Emailed a copy of the Permit Details from TRAKIT. LH
949 Closed 12/16/2016 12/16/16: emailed BLD2014-02514 - Mech. permit
948 Closed 12/16/2016 Files provided. KJ
947 Closed 12/16/2016 DCD380 from Iron Mt. LH due on Monday, Dec. 19th 12/19/16: emailed scanned copy of site plan. lh
946 Closed 12/15/2016 send via HIGHTAIL. lh
945 Closed 12/15/2016 12/15/16: send packets via HIGHTAIL. lh
944 Closed 12/15/2016 12/15/16: ordered DCD377 from Iron Mountain for a Friday delivery. LH 12/19/16: emailed scanned file of BLD2000-00699. LH
943 Closed 12/14/2016 12/16/16: Forwarded to Tawni and Lisa for response. LH 12/19/16: Tawni emailed pond report and I scanned the Bellasera TIR. Emailed docs. LH
942 Closed 12/14/2016 12/14/16:sent via LH
941 Closed 12/13/2016 Debbie emailed with an update. LH
940 Closed 12/14/2016 12/14/16: Emailed info from TRAKIT. LH
939 Closed 12/14/2016 12/16/16: emailed the MET Market info and asked for clarification on the request. LH
938 Closed 12/13/2016 12/14/16: sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
937 Closed 12/13/2016 12/14/16: downloaded emails. LH
936 Closed 12/12/2016 12/12: Ordered DCD483 from Iron Mt. for BLD05-00829 for a Monday, Dec. 19th delivery. LH 12/19/16: emailed scannedbuilding permit info. LH
935 Closed 12/07/2016 Emailed copy of Version 15 - SMC. LH
934 Closed 12/06/2016 12/6/16: emailed docs from TRAKIT. LH
933 Closed 12/06/2016 12/7/16: emailed document. LH
932 Closed 12/06/2016 12/6/16: Forwarded to Lindsey Ozbolt in Planning. LH 12/7/16: emailed BLD2000-00963. LH
931 Closed 12/05/2016 12/5/16: Sent via Hightail. LH
930 Closed 12/02/2016 12/2/16: Request from Beth C. lh 12/5/16: sent via HIGHTAIL. BC
929 Closed 12/02/2016 12/2/16: I’m sending you a 7-zipped File geodatabase with several enviro type layers, including Wetlands. Please note that most delineated wetlands are not mapped here. For details by site you would need to talk with a Planner here in the Comm. Devel. Dept. BC
928 Closed 12/02/2016 12/2/16: sent request to Darci D. for assistance in TRAKit. LH 12/30/16: sent follow-up to see if documents were sent. MA 1/5/17: Sent list from TRAKIT. MA
927 Closed 12/02/2016 12/2/16: pending download from Trakit. LH 12/5/16: Sent all TRAKIT documents since Sept. 2 request via HIGHTAIL. LH
926 Closed 12/02/2016 12/2/16: Forwarded to Lindsey O. to schedule. MA 12/19/16: Lindsey will meet with Mr. Brockway to review file. LH
925 Closed 12/02/2016 12/5/16: Requested additional documents from Emily A. LH Sent additional documents requested via HIGHTAIL. lh
924 Closed 11/30/2016 12/2/16: Emailed permit. MA
923 Closed 12/02/2016 None
922 Closed 12/01/2016 12/5/16: Home was built in 1994 in King County. City does not have any plans. Referred to King County. LH
921 Closed 12/01/2016 12/2/16: Forwarded request to Tawni. MA 12/5/16: Tawni forwarded requested documents. MA
920 Closed 11/30/2016 12/2/16: Emailed documents. MA
919 Closed 11/30/2016 12/2/16: Emailed document. MA
918 Closed 11/30/2016 11/28/16: Sent Files via Hightail. MA
917 Closed 11/29/2016 12/2/16: Sent email that documents will be provided by Dec. 30. LH 12/19/16: Sent email via HIGHTAIL and additional emails to be reviewed by attorneys (Alex). LH 12/29/16: Sent attorney-reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. MA
916 Closed 11/29/2016 11/29/16: Emailed documents. MA
915 Closed 11/29/2016 11/29/16: Emailed Doug M for help finding Wetland Mitigation Plan. MA 12/2/16: Emailed documents received by Kellye. LH
914 Closed 11/28/2016 11/29/16: Sent documents via Hightail. MA
913 Closed 11/28/2016 11/29/16: Emailed requested documents. MA
912 Closed 11/28/2016 11/29/16: Notified him that permit was available for viewing. Left in Will Call. MA 12/20/16: emailed reminder that file is in Will Call. lh
911 Closed 11/28/2016 11/28/16: Sent requested site plans via Hightail. MA
910 Closed 11/24/2016 11/28/16: Emailed permit information from Trakit. MA
909 Pending 11/23/2016 11/28/16: Ask for more clarification. Could not find any documents with information provided. MA 12/2/16: emailed Ms. Purcell that the file box is on-site and available for review. LH DCD218 12/20/16: Emailed Ms. Purcell to remind her that her file is available and if she is still interested in looking at it. LH 1/4/17: received an email from Ms. Purcell saying she will be in to view the info in the next few weeks. Box at Will Call. LH
908 Closed 11/23/2016 11/23/16: Sent documents via Hightail. MA
907 Closed 11/23/2016 11/23/16: Sent documents from Trakit. Need to confirm with Lindsay that document I sent for the BLA is the same as what was recorded. MA 11/28/2016: BLA is still under review. MA
906 Closed 11/22/2016 11/28/16: Directed them to King County for permitting. Directed them to SPWS for sewer connection records. Explained we do not issue cert of occupancy. Asked for additional clarification on wheher they needed TI permits and they said they did not. No code violations on this property. MA
905 Closed 11/21/2016 11/21/16: Tim Larson contacted IT for their assistance. LH
904 Closed 11/21/2016 11/28/16: Notified her that files are available for viewing. Asked her to make an appointment. MA 12/2/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
903 Closed 11/21/2016 11/22/16: Emailed CD for assistance with this request. LH 12/2/16: Emailed 5-day response stating info available by Dec. 9. LH 12/2/16: Forwarded documents received from Kellye. LH
902 Closed 11/18/2016 Sent documents via HighTail. LH
901 Closed 11/18/2016 Completed. LH
900 Closed 11/18/2016 11/18/16: Waiting to check with Jeff T. MA 11/21/16: Emailed that there are no additional documents. MA
899 Closed 11/07/2016 emailed docs. DL
898 Closed 11/03/2016 emailed on 11/8/16: BC
897 Closed 11/17/2016 11/17/16: Checking with Emily for new documents. MA 11/17/16: Emily confirmed no new documents have been submitted since HE descision. MA
896 Closed 11/15/2016 11/15/16: Referred to King County for 1, 3 and four
895 Closed 11/14/2016 11/154/16: Sent As Built 03-0080. Awaiting confirmation that this is the correct one. MA
894 Closed 11/14/2016 11/14/16: Emailed that there was no permit. Asked if you wanted information on pending permit. No response. MA
893 Closed 11/10/2016 11/14/16: Emailed documents. MA
892 Closed 11/10/2016 11/14/16: Forwarded question to Public Works and DCD. MA 11/15/16: forwarded response and documents from Doug McIntyre. LH
891 Closed 11/10/2016 11/14/16: Files are available at City Hall. Told to ask at the front desk. MA 11/15/16: Viewed files. Copies scanned and emailed. MA
890 Closed 11/10/2016 11/14/16: Sent plat map for Bordeaux Condos. MA 11/18/16: sent additional plat east of site. LH
889 Closed 11/09/2016 11-09-16: Emailed Kate the rates for printing in color and black & white cppies. LH 11-11: Ms. Bradley requested a black & white double sided copy of the stormwater plan. LH 11-15-16: Copy of plan printed and available in Will Call. lh
888 Closed 11/09/2016 11/14/16: Forwarded to Darci. MA 11/15/16: Emailed report from Darci. MA
887 Closed 11/07/2016 11/7/16: forwarded to Steven Chen. LH 11/15/16: Emailed Steven to send documents to Mr. Hintze.(he called today inquiring about the request)LH 11/15/16: Sent information via email. MA
886 Closed 11/04/2016 Forwarded to Tony Hudson. MM 11/8/16: located BLD07-00078 & placed order from IRON Mt. DCD386 should arrive on Thursday, Nov. 10. TH 11-09-16: emailed Mr. Bridgman with an update. LH 11-10-16: emailed that files are available for viewing at City Hall. LH 11-14-16; emailed scanned files. LH 11-15-16: forwarded question about easement to Community Development for response. lh 11-18-16: no additional documents available. LH
885 Closed 11/07/2016 Emailed requested documents. lh
884 Closed 11/04/2016 11/4/16: reviewed file and requested 2 copies. lh
883 Closed 11/05/2016 11-09-16: Emailed contract and rates for 2017. LH
882 Closed 11/04/2016 11/4/16: Directed him to King County. MA
881 Closed 11/04/2016 11/4/16: Emailed Decision. MA
880 Closed 11/03/2016 11/4/16: Asked for clarification on date range. MA 11/4/16: Hightailed all documents received after July 2016. MA
879 Closed 11/02/2016 11/4/16: Hightailed files. MA
878 Closed 11/02/2016 completed. LO (Lindsey Ozbolt)
877 Closed 11/02/2016 11-02-16: Ryan Harriman responded to this request with documents and written update.
876 Closed 11/01/2016 11/3/16: emailed documents in Trakit. MA
875 Closed 10/27/2016 provided requested copies. TH
874 Closed 10/31/2016 Reviewed file and no copies requested. TH
873 Closed 10/26/2016 reviewed file and no copies were requested. TH
872 Closed 10/24/2016 reviewed file. no copies requested. TH
871 Closed 10/28/2016 completed. TH
870 Closed 10/27/2016 Completed. Bc
869 Closed 10/27/2016 emailed. BC
868 Closed 08/12/2016 completed. TH
867 Closed 08/17/2016 completed. TH
866 Closed 08/18/2016 completed on 10/25. TH
865 Closed 08/19/2016 completed. TH
864 Closed 10/07/2016 completed on 10/25/16. TH
863 Closed 11/01/2016 emailed requested documents. LH
862 Closed 11/01/2016 11/1/16: Emailed 5-day response ltr. lh (estimated completion by Nov. 10, 2016) 11/9/16: Doug reviewing material. Should be ready tomorrow. MA 11/9/16: Sent requested documents prepared by Doug McIntyre to Mr. Stickney via HIGHTAIL. LH
861 Closed 10/31/2016 11/1/16: Emailed like to construction drawings on website. As-Builts not available. MA
860 Closed 10/31/2016 11/1/16: Referred to King County Sheriff's Office. MA
859 Closed 10/31/2016 11/1/16: Emailed him that it would be 11/21/16 before records would be available. MA 11/9/16: Hightailed emails. MA.
857 Closed 10/30/2016 10/31/2016: Ordered boxes from Iron Mountain. MA 11/9/2016: Emailed 1998 Geo Tech Report. MA
856 Closed 10/29/2016 10/31/2016: Hightailed audio file to her. MA
855 Closed 10/28/2016 10/31/16: Emailed information. MA
854 Closed 10/28/2016 10/31/16: Asked for clarification. MA 11/1/16: Hightailed as-builts 10-1200, 99-2200, 99-1000 and 01-0600
853 Closed 10/27/2016 Provided requested documents. lh
852 Closed 10/27/2016 11-01-16: Emailed a copy of the permit details for each of the parcels. The impervious surface will need to be obtained off of each building permit site plan in the hard copy files. Requested if Mary would like to come in an review the file. lh 11-8-16: Files available at reception for review. LH 11/15/16: Sent a reminder email to Ms. Wictor that the files are available for viewing. LH 11/18/16: emailed that files are in Will Call. LH 12/2/16: Mary reviewed files and would like copies made. 12/5/16: paper copies made of BLD2012-00194 still need copies of: BLD2013-00704 - 454 211 Ave NE BLD2014-00905 -4xx 210th Ave NE BLD2012-01109 - 232 210th Pl NE BLD2012-00263 - 228 210th Pl NE BLD2014 - 00906 - 463 210th Ave NE 12/20/16: Emailed Mary that 2nd file has been copied and ready to pick-up. in Will Call. LH
851 Closed 10/26/2016 sent info from TRAKIT. lh
850 Closed 10/26/2016 emailed site plan. lh
849 Closed 10/25/2016 Emailed addition info from Trakit. lh
848 Closed 10/25/2016 sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
847 Closed 10/25/2016 sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. could not locate a TIR for Stanton Wood. LH
846 Closed 10/24/2016 emailed info from TRAKIT. lh
845 Closed 10/24/2016 10/24/16: Sent requested documents via Hightail. MA
844 Closed 10/24/2016 10/24/16: Forwarded to PW and GIS for response. LH
843 Closed 10/24/2016 10/24/16: Forwarded to PW and GIS for response. LH 10/26/16: Beth C responded to request. lh
842 Closed 10/20/2016 emailed on 10/21/16.
841 Closed 10/21/2016 Referred requestor to the utility company's in Sammamish. LH
840 Closed 10/21/2016 10/21/16: emailed electronic copies found in CVC files on P:drive. Lh requested follow-up if hard copy file needed from Iron Mt. lh 10/24/16: Ms. Rowe replied that they have what they need now. LH
839 Closed 10/21/2016 sent exhibits via Hightail. Staff report in DRAFT format so not available at this time. LH
838 Closed 10/20/2016 emailed link to council meeting and Council minutes
837 Closed 09/13/2016 completed.
836 Closed 10/17/2016 sent digital copy. KJ
835 Closed 10/20/2016 10/24/16: Emailed 5-Day response letter. Response by Nov. 30, 2016. LH 11/18/16: Sent emails via hightail. MA
834 Closed 10/19/2016 emailed permit information. lh
833 Closed 10/20/2016 emailed Offsite Kampp Storm plan. HS
832 Closed 10/13/2016 emailed documents. DM
831 Closed 10/13/2016 emailed info. DG
830 Closed 09/22/2016 completed. TH
829 Closed 10/19/2016 10/20/16: Emailed Ms. Crofts for clarification of her request. LH 10/21/16: Emailed report from TRAKIT. lh
828 Closed 10/09/2016 mailed a copy today. LH
827 Closed 10/19/2016 Ordered PW156 from Iron Mt. lh 10/28/16: scanned and emailed copy of TIR. LH
826 Closed 10/18/2016 10/20/16: Downloaded emails from OUTLOOK for Big Rock Vista and Lancaster. Emailed Mr. Smith a 5-day response letter. Due on Nov. 17, 2016. LH 11/9/16: Emailed emails. Sent confidential emails to attorney. MA 11/28/16: Sent reviewed emails. MA
825 Closed 10/18/2016 forwarded request to permit manager. LH completed. DD
824 Closed 10/18/2016 None
823 Closed 10/18/2016 None
822 Closed 10/17/2016 emailed copies of bonds on file. lh
821 Closed 10/17/2016 Emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
820 Closed 10/14/2016 Building plans sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
819 Closed 10/14/2016 Incorrect request. lh
818 Closed 10/13/2016 emailed requested docs. LH
817 Closed 10/13/2016 Emailed info and suggested KC records. lh
816 Closed 10/13/2016 completed. Documents emailed from TRAKIT. lh
815 Closed 10/13/2016 sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
814 Closed 10/12/2016 Emailed detailed report for each building permit. LH
813 Closed 10/11/2016 Provided requested info. TH
812 Closed 10/11/2016 emailed. KJ 10/19/16: Called Vellore to confirm payment and delivery of scanned documents.He will be in on Friday to pay and bring a thumb-drive. lh
811 Closed 10/12/2016 Sent to Mailpost for scanning. $243.36 payment received on 10/27/16. LH
810 Closed 10/11/2016 Emailed PRA2014-00006. LH
809 Closed 10/11/2016 emailed document. TH
808 Closed 10/10/2016 Sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
807 Closed 10/10/2016 emailed link to Sammamish Portal to review banner permits. lh
806 Closed 09/09/2016 emailed. TH
805 Closed 10/10/2016 emailed documents. LH
804 Closed 10/07/2016 Emailed requested documents. LH
803 Closed 10/07/2016 emailed permit. TH
802 Closed 10/07/2016 Sent via HighTail. HS
801 Closed 10/06/2016 Completed. TH
800 Closed 10/05/2016 emailed contact info from TRAKIT. lh
799 Closed 10/05/2016 10/5/16: Resent documents LH
798 Closed 10/04/2016 10/4/16: Beth to follow-up with data. lh
797 Closed 10/05/2016 Melonie called to explain the process. left VM. lh
796 Closed 10/05/2016 10/5/16: Emailed copy of document. LH
795 Closed 10/05/2016 10/5/16: called Mr. Cochrane and located files for him to review.He will come by the office this morning. lh
794 Closed 10/05/2016 10/5/16: vacant lot. no permit information available. lh
793 Closed 10/05/2016 10/5/16: emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
792 Closed 10/04/2016 emailed documents. TH
791 Closed 10/04/2016 emailed document. TH
790 Closed 09/14/2016 Emailed documents. TH
789 Closed 10/04/2016 10/4/16: located building permits BLD2014-00046 and BLD2013-02146. Sung Lee to called her back about the information. lh 10/5/16: scanned plans and emailed. LH
788 Closed 10/04/2016 10/4/16: Forwarded to Finance Dept. 10/11/16: Hightailed requested documents. MA
787 Closed 10/04/2016 10/4/16: emailed document. lh
786 Closed 09/30/2016 10/3/16: Melonie responded to Ms. Moran that the November newsletter is not available at this time. We do not release DRAFT documents. lh
785 Closed 09/29/2016 Hi, I would like to request all available records for parcel #856290-1800 This particular lot is on sale, and I am a serious prospective buyer and would like to get all available documents related to constructing on the site - building permits / sewer/water/septic / grading/ etc. I was told that the previous buyer spent quite some time in working with the City for permits and had issues getting it approved. I was told by the seller that "there is no good way to connect this property to the storm drain (a requirement of the city)". As a prospective buyer, I would like to know exactly what the issues were with building on this lot and what would be the best course of action to proceed forward with the issue. While searching on the internet, I also realized that there is a project on-going to improve storm water drainage in this area. Would this project impact this issue in any shape or form? Thanks, Gaurav
784 Closed 09/29/2016 Sent as-built files as requested. lh
783 Closed 09/29/2016 10/4/16: emailed documents and response to request. lh
782 Closed 09/28/2016 None
781 Closed 09/28/2016 9/28/16: Sent As Builts 15-0500, 85-0300, 54-0100. MA
780 Closed 09/28/2016 9/28/16: No responsive documents. Directed her to King County and the maps on the website. MA
779 Closed 09/27/2016 9/27/16: replied to submit to KCSO Records Unit with Sheriff's Office
778 Closed 09/27/2016 emailed document. lh
777 Closed 09/21/2016 completed. TM
776 Closed 09/19/2016 Showed plans of both sites. TH
775 Closed 09/26/2016 9/26/16: Documents requested are with King County Records.Subdivision was annexed with Klahanie from KC. lh
774 Closed 09/26/2016 None
773 Closed 09/23/2016 sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
772 Closed 09/22/2016 9/23/16: sent documents and emails per request via Hightail. lh sent some emails to attorney for review. to be sent to requestor once reviewed. lh 10/4/16: Forwarded reviewed email. LH
771 Closed 09/22/2016 9/22/16: Forwarded request to Parks Dept. for response. lh 9/23/16: Jessi Bon to meet with Ms. Crofts this afternoon. lh 9/28/16: emailed Ms. Croft for clarification of request from Parks. lh 10/10/16: Received a response from Ms. Croft and forwarded it to Parks. 10/11/16: Emailed YMCA contract as requested. lh 11-04-16: Emailed document from Park Planning. lh An estimated date to final review of emails - on or before Dec. 9, 2016. 11/08/16: Resent the YMCA contract as requested. LH 11/15/16: emailed response to question #9 from Anjali Meyers 11/18/16: Emailed about additional Trail questions. Response from Parks once this request is complete. LH 12/6/16: emailed response from Parks about Trail questions. Noted that the email request will hopefully be complete by the end of 2016. LH 1/6/17: Sent requested emails via HIGHTAIL. Lh Will forward emails for review by attorney once they are returned. LH 1/24/17: emailed attorney reviewed emails to Layna. (1st installment, next in February) LH 1/30/17: emailed attorney reviewed emails to Layna. (2nd installment, 3rd by February 14) LH 2/23/17: 3rd installment emailed from attorneys. LH 4/6/17: emailed installment # 4. lh 4/21/17: sent final installments # 5 and #6. LH
770 Closed 09/22/2016 9/21/16: Fax sent. lh
769 Closed 09/21/2016 9/22/16: Downloaded emails from OUTLOOK. lh 9/23/16: Sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
768 Closed 09/21/2016 9/22/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh 9/26/16: emailed additional code files that were requested. lh
767 Closed 09/20/2016 Emailed documents. lh
766 Closed 09/20/2016 9/20/2016: Emailed documents. MA
765 Closed 09/20/2016 9/21/16: Emailed the requested documents. lh
764 Closed 09/20/2016 9/20/16: Melonie forwarded request to Parks Dept. lh 9/23/16: Emailed a 5-Day Response letter stating request to be completed by the end of this year. lh 12/23/16: Sent all documents via Hightail to Ms. Zimmerman. LH 12/28/16: Sent all emails via Hightail. MA 1/3/17: Sent emails to be reviewed to City Attorney. LH 1/24/17: emailed attorney reviewed emails to Kandace. (1st installment, next in February) LH 1/30/17: emailed attorney reviewed emails to Kandace. (2nd installment, 3rd by February 14) LH 2/23/17: emailed attorney reviewed emails to Kandace. (3rd installment) 4/6/17: emailed installment # 4. lh 4/21/17: sent installment # 5 & 6 - FINAL emails
763 Closed 09/20/2016 9/20/16: Duplicate request. Same as #762. MA.
762 Closed 09/20/2016 9/21/16: Sent 5-Day Response letter. lh (response due by Oct. 5, 2016) 10/03/16: Downloaded all Council/Staff related emails regarding request. lh Contacted Ms. Jones to extend the review and response period. (response due by Nov. 4, 2016) 11/3/16: Sent reviewed emails to Ms. Jones and some to attorneys office for review. LH 11/10/16: emailed final emails reviewed by Attorneys. LH
761 Closed 09/20/2016 9/21/16: Sent all documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
760 Closed 09/19/2016 9/21/16: Sent additional documents from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lh
759 Closed 09/19/2016 information sent. MA
758 Closed 09/19/2016 9/19/16: emailed requested document. MA
757 Closed 09/12/2016 9/12/16: Forwarded request to Kenyon Disend. MA 9/12/16: Emailed requested information. MA
756 Closed 09/19/2016 9/19/16: Sent As-built drwgs via HIGHTAIL. lh
755 Closed 09/16/2016 9/19/16: developed before incorporation in King County. Sent Road & Storm plan set and plat map. lh
754 Closed 09/16/2016 9/16/16: No responsive documents. MA
753 Closed 09/16/2016 9/16/16: Asked Darci to run a report from Trakit. MA 9/19/16: Emailed information sent from Darci. LH
752 Closed 09/16/2016 9/19/16: Emailed documents. LH
751 Closed 09/09/2016 9/9/16: Emailed building permit. TH
750 Closed 09/13/2016 9/13/16: Asked him to narrow request. MA 9/16/16: Sent requested files. MA
749 Closed 09/12/2016 9/16/16:Sent 5-day letter. Need to order DCD200 - Schwarz Short Plat 9/26/16: file arrived from archive. emailed Mr. Womac for a time to come review. LH 9/27/16: file to be scanned at MailPost as requested. lh 10/12/16: Received check from Womac. $259.96. Emailed Mailpost link to download scanned documents. LH
748 Closed 09/09/2016 Received a copy of letter. SL
747 Closed 09/12/2016 9/12/16: emailed digital copy. kj
746 Closed 09/12/2016 9/12/16: Ordered DCD387 from IRON MT. lh 9/16/16: scanned documents and emailed. lh
745 Closed 09/12/2016 9/12/15: Sent additional documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
744 Closed 09/09/2016 9/19/16: emailed Mary links to Comp plan per A. Zagars email. Mr. Chen will send traffic counts when he returns to the office. lh 9/20/16: Steven emailed traffic counts. lh
743 Closed 09/09/2016 9/9/16: emailed for clarification of request. lh 9/12/16: Ordered DCD468 from Iron Mt for BLD03-00694 9/16/16: Emailed scanned documents for BLD2012-00049 and request a time for her to come to City Hall to review documents for BLD2003-00694. 9/23/16: Mr. Jeng was in to review requested file. He is looking for copies of CVC03-0083 or CVC03-0084. Could not locate copies. Looked to Code Compliance for assistance. lh 9/27/16: emailed remainder of all Code violations. lh
742 Closed 09/09/2016 responded on 9/9/16. bc
741 Closed 09/09/2016 Emailed response with info from TRAKIT. lh
740 Closed 09/09/2016 Forwarded response from Finance. lh
739 Closed 09/09/2016 I'm trying to get my hands on an updated shapefile/geodatabase that shows the wellhead protection areas (especially interested in Class 3) that show up in this figure: Are you able to help me with this or point me in the correct direction?
738 Closed 09/09/2016 completed AK
737 Closed 09/06/2016 emailed document. mm
736 Closed 09/01/2016 9/8/16: emailed copy of tree retention plan. lh
735 Closed 09/06/2016 Documents sent. lh
734 Closed 08/30/2016 sent documents requested via HIGHTAIL. lh 9/9/16: emailed additional permit info per request. lh
733 Closed 08/31/2016 9/8/16: Meeting with David Pyle to review and discuss files.
732 Closed 08/26/2016 Emailed electronic docs. DD
731 Closed 08/30/2016 Emailed electronic documents. DD
730 Closed 09/07/2016 Sent docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
729 Closed 09/07/2016 Sent plans from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lh
728 Closed 09/07/2016 Emailed a response and request for additional file from IRON Mt. DCD383 - Bld02-0587 9/9/16: Emailed scanned documents for BLD02-0587. lh
727 Closed 09/07/2016 emailed all available documents from TRAKIT. lh referred him to Sung Lee. lh
726 Closed 09/06/2016 Sent revised version of plan set. lh
725 Closed 09/06/2016 Emailed requestor to contact King County Sheriff's Office. LH
724 Closed 09/06/2016 9/6/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
723 Closed 09/02/2016 Emailed Plat map and stormwater drwgs. lh
722 Closed 09/02/2016 Emailed a copy of the plan set. lh Ordered DCD526 from Iron Mt. for a Friday, Sept. 9 delivery. lh 9/9/16: Emailed scanned documents from Hufford file. lh
721 Closed 09/02/2016 Sent Chestnut Lane plans and TIR (Final-Corrected is in paper only) via HighTail. lh
720 Closed 09/02/2016 Sent request via hightail. lh
719 Closed 09/02/2016 DCD377 to be retrieved from Iron Mt. Delivery date Fri. Sept. 9th, LH 9/9/16: Emailed permit documents received from storage. lh
718 Closed 08/31/2016 9/6/2016: sent Big Rock Vista documents for PSUB2016-00276 via HIGHTAIL. lh
717 Closed 08/31/2016 9/1/16: Emailed responsive documents. Directed her to contact Tawni for additional information. MA
716 Closed 08/31/2016 Requested documents from Trakit sent via Hightail. lh
715 Closed 08/30/2016 Emailed attachments related to the above permit. dd
714 Closed 08/29/2016 8/30/16: Sent BLD2016-02365 file documents from TRAKIT. lh
713 Closed 08/29/2016 On Hold: Mr. Newton has been working with Sung Lee about feasibility and will contact us again if needed. lh
712 Closed 08/28/2016 8/29/16: Directed requestor to King County Recorder's Office. MA
711 Closed 08/26/2016 8/29/16: sent requested plans via HIGHTAIL. lh
710 Closed 08/26/2016 Left copy in Will Call. lh
709 Closed 08/26/2016 8/29/16: Sent documents via Hightail. Sent some emails to City Attorney for review. MA 8/31/16: Sent reviewed emails. MA
708 Closed 08/25/2016 8/25/16: Emailed information from TRAKIT. dd
707 Closed 08/24/2016 Sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
706 Closed 08/24/2016 8/25/16: Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT via Hightail. lh
705 Closed 08/24/2016 8/25/16: Emailed contract. MA
704 Closed 08/24/2016 8/24/16: Sent documents from Trakit. MA
703 Closed 08/24/2016 8/24/16: Sent documents from Trakit via Hightail. MA
702 Closed 08/24/2016 8/24/16: Email requested documents from Trakit. MA
701 Closed 08/24/2016 8/24/16: Scanned and emailed permit documents. MA
700 Closed 08/23/2016 Emailed requested information from TRAKIT. lh
699 Closed 08/22/2016 8/23/16: Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT. lh
698 Closed 08/22/2016 Ordered file boxes from Iron Mt. Will be delivered on Friday, Aug. 26th. Informed requestor. lh 8/29/16: Ordered additional boxes from Iron Mt. for a delivery on Friday, Sept. 2. lh Spoke with Mr. Johns and arrange a time on Wed. Sept 7th at 11 am for him to review the documents. Sept. 7: Mr. Johns was in to review the files. Requested a digital copy of the Hearing tapes. lh Emailed copy of Hearing Examiner's decision. lh9/8/16: mailed cassette;tapes to Evanna for transferring to MP3.
697 Closed 08/22/2016 Forwarded to KCSO for information. lh
696 Closed 08/22/2016 emailed electronic documents from TRAKIT. lh
695 Closed 08/18/2016 emailed. TH
694 Closed 08/12/2016 completed. Lh
693 Closed 08/15/2016 emailed requested files. TH
692 Closed 08/17/2016 Folders sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
691 Closed 08/18/2016 8/19/16:;Emailed copy of minutes. 8/26/16: Emailed Retreat Notes. Notified him that video was on flash drive available at the front desk. MA
690 Closed 08/16/2016 8/17/16: Emailed that no records are available. MA
689 Closed 08/15/2016 8/15/16: Sent responsive documents as provided by WCIA. MA
688 Closed 06/21/2016 6/21/16: Emailed permit. TH
687 Closed 07/12/2016 7/12/16: Emailed copy of permit. TH
686 Closed 08/09/2016 8/9/16: No documents responsive to this request. MA
685 Closed 08/09/2016 8/10/16: Sent documents via Hightail dated after April, 2016 for SVAR2016-00053, SSDP2016-00183 and ZONV2015-00208, 209. Parcel 2025069085 had no responsive documents. MA
684 Closed 08/08/2016 8/9/16: Emailed information. MA
683 Closed 08/04/2016 8/4/16: Sent documents via Hightail. MA
682 Closed 07/18/2016 Completed. SS
681 Closed 08/03/2016 emailed documents. th
680 Closed 08/02/2016 emailed document. th
679 Closed 08/04/2016 Beth Carpenter to respond with GIS Data. lh 8/4/16: Beth sent 78—7000 Mead Elem. 12-1400 Hall Short Plat – adjacent to Mead and East Sammamish Park . Completed.;
678 Closed 08/04/2016 Documents sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
677 Closed 08/04/2016 8/4/16: Emailed documents and link to website. MA
676 Closed 08/04/2016 Hello Laura and Alison – sending you our Stormwater geodatabase as requested through Tawni and Larissa. Please note we are in the process of building this storm system in GIS – we know many projects are missing. But the info we have is pretty great!; If you have questions available.Thanks - Beth
675 Closed 08/04/2016 Message sent on 8/4/16: Currently we have the following:; BLD2015-02284 – Available electronically BLD2015-02319 - Available electronically I will be sending you a link to download the above drawing through HIGHTAIL.; BLD2015-01293 – no electronic copy available, only paper BLD2015-01989 - no electronic copy available, only paper BLD2015-01294 - no electronic copy available, only paper BLD2015-01423 - no electronic copy available, only paper We have paper copies of all these permits but we will need to charge to make paper copies of them. Please note: the electronic copies aren’t stamped. Let me know if you would like paper copies of the other drawings. You are welcome to come in to City Hall and select which pages of each plan set you would like copied. 8/5/16: Dropped of 6 rolled plans and 6 site plans at MAILPOST for scanning. lh 8/8/16: Link to scans arrived from MAILPOST. Emailed requestor to bring check before sending link. MA 8/9/16: Paid for documents. Link sent. MA
674 Closed 08/03/2016 Emailed documents from PRA2016-00083. MA
673 Closed 08/03/2016 8/3/16: Duplicate Request to #672
672 Closed 08/03/2016 documents sent via HIGHTAIL. lh 8/5/16: Ms. Anderson emailed that she is having difficulties opening HIGHTAIL. Tried emailing the permits and documents. She may come in to City Hall with at thumb-drive for files. lh 8/9/16: Confirmed she was able to print documents. MA
671 Closed 08/03/2016 8/3/16: sent available electronic documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
670 Closed 08/03/2016 8/3/16: Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh Downloaded emails to review. 8/4/16: Sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL and several to Kenyon-Disend for review and possible redaction. lh 8/12/16: Sent reviewed emails and redaction log via email. MA
669 Closed 08/02/2016 Forwarded a previous request for tree counts (635) to Ms. Wright. lh
668 Closed 08/01/2016 8/3/16: Scanned and emailed documents. MA
667 Closed 08/01/2016 8/2/16: Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT. lh
666 Closed 08/01/2016 8/2/16: Sent documents via Hightail. Waiting attorney review of emails. MA 8/3/16: Sent emails. MA
665 Closed 08/01/2016 8/3/16: Only documents available are paper copy. Invited him to come look at the file. Directed him to King County for possible additional documents. MA
664 Closed 07/31/2016 8/1/16: Mailed that documents are currently exempt from disclosure. MA
663 Closed 07/29/2016 No permit activity. Lh
662 Closed 07/28/2016 sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
661 Closed 07/27/2016 Sent via Hightail. lh
660 Closed 07/27/2016 Documents sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
659 Closed 07/26/2016 7/27/16: Emailed Mr. Madala for more clarification on this request and included link to zoning info in City website. lh 8/2/16: Emailed Mr. Madala for more clarification on this request. lh 8/3/16: replied to Mr. Madala.; Referred him to Jeff Thomas for answers about proposals for development;in the Town Center. lh
658 Closed 07/26/2016 8/2/16: Sent PDF of emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
657 Closed 07/26/2016 7/27/16: called to confirm if he would like all exhibits via Hightail. lh 7/27/16; Sent link to exhibits via HIGHTAIL. lh
656 Closed 07/26/2016 7/26/16: Sent As-builts via HIGHTAIL. lh
655 Closed 07/26/2016 Sent documents electronically via HIGHTAIL. lh Referred to King county for any historical info. lh Emailed CVC2009-00008. MA
654 Closed 07/21/2016 7/21/16: forwarded to Beth Goldberg. lh
653 Closed 07/25/2016 Completed. rp
652 Closed 07/25/2016 Completed. rp
651 Closed 07/25/2016 Emailed Ms. Orni the requested documents. lh
650 Closed 07/21/2016 7/25/16: Forwarded information from Cheryl Paston. lh
649 Closed 07/25/2016 No permit activity found for this request. lh
648 Closed 07/20/2016 No copies needed. th/ df
647 Closed 07/23/2016 7/25/16: Forwarded request to Public Works. lh 7/29/16: Documents sent via HIGHTAIL and email. lh
646 Closed 07/22/2016 7/25/16: Forwarded to Public Works for information. lh 7/29/16: Documents sent via HIGHTAIL
645 Closed 07/22/2016 7/22/16: emailed requested documents. lh
644 Closed 07/22/2016 Sent link to documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
643 Closed 07/22/2016 Forwarded to police services. lh
642 Closed 07/20/2016 provided documents. lh
641 Closed 07/21/2016 7/21/16: SEPA process not started. No documents available. MA
640 Closed 07/21/2016 7/21/16: sent relevant documents via HIGHTAIL. lh 13-2600.pdf; 78-0900.pdf;;13-0100.pdf 88-0900.pdf;;83-1200.pdf 79-1900.pdf;;;87-1800.pdf;;13-1700.pdf
639 Closed 07/21/2016 7/22/16: sent requested electronic documents. lh
637 Closed 07/21/2016 7/22/16: emailed Mr. Shanmugam regarding this request.
636 Closed 07/21/2016 7/22/16: Emailed and sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh Recommended he call Emily Arteche for zoning, in-home business and daycare information. lh
635 Closed 07/20/2016 7/21/16: requested documents sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
634 Closed 07/20/2016 7/27/16: Karen was in to scan Jim Grueber's binder.; She revised the email search to - Ben Yazici's emails regarding Town Center going back 2 years. lh 7/29/16: sent PDF of emails via HIGHTAIL and confidential emails for review to Kenyon Disend. lh
633 Closed 07/20/2016 7/20/16: Emailed list of current code compliance cases. Informed him city does not have list of vacant homes or tax delinquencies. MA
632 Closed 07/20/2016 7/201/6: Emailed report to Mr. Marcy. lh
631 Closed 07/19/2016 7/18/16: Emailed Mr. Nelson for more information about the Tree reports. lh 7/22/16: emailed Olga with an update and sent some tree permit documents. lh 7/29/16: Received Lawson Park file box from Iron Mt. Did not contain any tree reports. 8/1/16: Resent an email to Mr. Nelson requesting copies of tree reports. 8/1/16: Forwarded tree reports received from Mr. Nelson to Olga. lh
630 Closed 07/18/2016 7/18/16: spoke with Jeff Thomas. LH
629 Closed 07/19/2016 Provided pre-app notes as requested. TH
628 Closed 07/19/2016 Sent the following As-built files via HIGHTAIL. lh 80-0100.pdf; 24.1 MB; 15-0400.pdf; 26.1 MB; 08-0300.pdf; 22.1 MB; 03-0000.pdf; 2.1 MB; 89-0900.pdf; 11.3 MB; 80-0700.pdf; 1.2 MB; 00-1000.pdf; 3.8 MB; 80-0900.pdf; 2.8 MB;
627 Closed 07/18/2016 7/18/16: Forwarded request to Jeff, Tawni and Lisa for information. LH 7/18/16: emailed information for pond ;D9S019;and will follow-up on Wednesday with D9S020. Link to KC SWM 2009 app. A. 7/19/16: Lisa Were emailed; a PDF of the Stormwater Brochure. lh; 7/22/16: Sent numerous plans and permit documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
626 Closed 07/18/2016 7/18/16: Emailed Lyman, Jessi and Jeff for any information on this request. LH 7/18/16: Lyman Howard responded to an email directly from Mr. Lowry as follows: "The past City Manager and Councilmembers had conversations many years ago with post office management and our congressional representatives and were told that the postal service was consolidating operations and closing offices.; Out needs were being met by Issaquah and Redmond offices. We currently have no ongoing discussions to the best of my knowledge"
625 Closed 07/15/2016 7-15-16: provided documents. rp
624 Closed 07/13/2016 7/13/15: documents sent. KJ
623 Closed 07/15/2016 7/15/16: Called Mr. Wright for clarification on his request. Left a VM.;lh 7/18/16: Called Mr. Wright for clarification on his request. Left a VM.;lh 7/22/16: Called Mr. Wright for clarification on his request. Left a VM.;lh 7/29/16: Mailed a letter to Mr. Wright for contact info, clarification on his request. lh 8/1/16: Sent list of parks property per request number one. Referred him to the PRO Plan and asked Kyle E to meet with him. MA 8/9/16: Kyle reported that Mr. Wright was satisfied with the material provided. MA
622 Closed 07/15/2016 7/15/16; sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
621 Closed 07/14/2016 7/14/16: emailed requested versions of the code and link to ordinances on the website. LH
620 Closed 07/14/2016 7/14/16: emailed plan set. lh
619 Closed 07/14/2016 7/14/16: emailed that;all we have are as-builts. We don’t have any schematics. ma 7/15/16: sent asbuilts via HIGHTAIL. lh
618 Closed 07/14/2016 7/15/16: emailed Mr. Grady that information, if available,will be sent by July 29th. lh 7/18/16: Emailed documents relating to request. lh
617 Closed 07/14/2016 7/15/16: Emailed a 5-day response email that info will be available on or before Friday, July 29th. lh 7/18/15: Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT per request. lh Emails reviewed will follow once complete. lh 7/22/16: sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
616 Closed 07/11/2016 7/11/16: emailed plans. TH
615 Closed 07/05/2016 7/6/16: emailed site plan of home, TH
614 Closed 07/13/2016 7/14/16: emailed Darci for assistance with reports in TRAKIT. lh 7/14/16: emailed information to Mr. Campos. LH
613 Closed 07/13/2016 7/13/16: sent emails for clarification of request. lh 7/13/16: redirected to the Police dept. for record. lh
612 Closed 07/13/2016 7/13/16: emailed PW comments spreadsheet. lh
611 Closed 07/13/2016 7/13/16: emailed link to document on City website. lh
610 Closed 07/12/2016 7/13/16: emailed scanned documents from file. lh
609 Closed 07/11/2016 7/12/16: printed a copy for Mr. Lindsley and put it in Will Call. Called him and told him the cost. lh
608 Closed 07/08/2016 7/11/16: emailed documents from TRAKIT. Darci will assist if Mr. Adamov would like to come in a review file and with any questions. lh
607 Closed 06/26/2016 Completed: Tony Hudson
606 Closed 06/27/2016 Completed: KJ
605 Closed 07/07/2016 7/7/16: emailed plan set including wall. LH
604 Closed 07/05/2016 7/6/16: emailed documents. th
603 Closed 07/05/2016 7/6/16: emailed requested document. bc
602 Closed 07/07/2016 7/7/16: I’ve sent the files via Hightail, you should receive it soon. - Beth
601 Closed 07/07/2016 7/7/16: emailed requested documents. lh
600 Closed 07/07/2016 7/7/16: referred to the King County Sherriff Office for request. lh
599 Closed 07/07/2016 7/8/16: Emailed responsive documents. lh
598 Closed 07/06/2016 7/11/16: Sent final redacted emails from attorney's office. LH
597 Closed 07/05/2016 7/5/16: Melonie emailed requested documents. LH
596 Closed 07/05/2016 7/5/16: emailed document requested. lh
595 Closed 07/05/2016 7/5/16: forwarded request to Code. LH 7/6/16: Emailed for clarification of the timeframe for;this request. If only after tree ordinance was adopted. lh 7/7/16: Emailed that the report will take up to 2 weeks. lh 7/13/16: Emailed completed document. LH
594 Closed 07/05/2016 7/5/16: Emailed PDF of PW comments. LH
593 Closed 07/04/2016 7/5/16: Emailed permit information from TRAKIT. lh 7/7/16: Ajay came in to review the file. Lh
592 Closed 07/01/2016 7/5/16: Requested documents from Plans Examiners and Parks Dept. LH Reply from Dawn Flores: This project was finaled 2/24/15 and the plans have been destroyed. They are required to be retained only 6 months beyond the final date.
591 Closed 07/01/2016 7/1/16: Emailed PW staff the PRR for their response. LH 7/6/16: Emailed Jim Grueber for guidance on PW files to send regarding this request. lh 7/7/16: Sent documents relating to request via HIGHTAIL. lh Reviewing downloaded emails. lh 7/7/16: Sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
590 Closed 07/01/2016 7/1/16: Emailed permit information from Archivist scans. LH
589 Closed 07/01/2016 7/1/16: Parcel in King County. Emailed links to KC records. LH
588 Closed 06/30/2016 7/1/16: Forwarded to PW for response. LH 7/5/16: sent documents relating to request from TRAKIT. lh 7/8/16: Resent HIGHTAIL email per Mary's phone call. lh
587 Closed 06/30/2016 9/30/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
586 Closed 06/29/2016 6/29/16: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
585 Closed 05/12/2016 5/12/16: documents from TRAKIT sent via HIGHTAIL. EM
584 Closed 06/29/2016 Emailed requested information. LH
583 Closed 06/29/2016 No permit activity in TRAKIT. LH
582 Closed 06/29/2016 Emailed requested information from TRAKIT. LH
581 Closed 06/28/2016 Emailed scanned documents relating to BLD2007-00276 – 24218 NE 20th St – Demo House and Barn. LH
580 Closed 06/28/2016 6/27/16: emailed documents. TH
579 Closed 06/28/2016 6/28/16: Emailed additional info from TRAKIT. LH
578 Closed 06/27/2016 6/28/16: Sent requested documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
577 Closed 06/27/2016 6/27/16: Emailed a few documents but parcel is vacant and there has not been any permit activity from TRAKIT.; King county might have more info. LH
576 Closed 06/27/2016 6/27/16: Forwarded to Jeff and David for a response. LH 6/27/26: Jeff phoned and answered Mr. Rajesh's questions. LH
575 Closed 06/27/2016 6/27/16: Sent requested documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
574 Closed 06/24/2016 6/24/16: no additional stormwater asbuilts are available. LH
573 Closed 06/24/2016 6/24/16: Code Compliance team will respond to this request. LH 6/27/16: Chris will contact and discuss. LH
572 Closed 06/24/2016 6/24/16: Forwarded request to Finance & IT for response. LH 6/24/16: Sent response from Ms. Dilley. LH
571 Closed 06/21/2016 provided notes. KJ
570 Closed 06/21/2016 Provided copy
569 Closed 06/22/2016 information provided. TH
568 Closed 06/23/2016 6/23/16: emailed detailed report. TH
567 Closed 06/23/2016 Not in the City of Sammamish. Referred to KC. MA
566 Closed 06/22/2016 Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
565 Closed 06/22/2016 Forwarded request to Kurt, Chris and Devany for information on Certificates and Violations. LH 6/22/16: emailed response about code violations. LH 6/23/16: emailed C of O for KinderCare and Plateau Proff. Center. LH
564 Closed 06/21/2016 6/22/16: referred to King County records. House was built in 1977. LH
563 Closed 06/21/2016 6/21//16: emailed 90-0900 area north/west of request. LH
562 Closed 06/21/2016 6-21-16: Asked for clarification of request. LH 6/22/16: Sent 3 Hightail emails with links to downloads. LH
561 Closed 06/21/2016 6/21/16: Emailed Business license spreadsheet. LH
560 Closed 06/21/2016 Recommended that he contact KCSO for request. LH
559 Closed 06/20/2016 Sent asbuilt documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
558 Closed 06/20/2016 Ordered DCD383 from Iron Mt. Delivery on Friday, June 24th BLD2002-0584 6/24/16: Emailed site plan for permit. LH
557 Closed 06/13/2016 Completed on 6/16/16
556 Closed 06/17/2016 Request will be fulfilled by Beth Carpenter (GIS) 6/17/16
555 Closed 06/16/2016 No new documents in TRAKIT since previous request. LH
554 Closed 06/15/2016 6/20/16: Downloaded emailed from City Outlook exchange relating to request. LH 6/21/16: Emailed Councilmember regarding any additional emails from personal accounts. 623/16: emailed Mr. Hamilton with an update. Hope to be completed by early next week. 6/24/16: Sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. LH 7/5/16: rechecked OUTLOOK emails for specific email from Jan Bird. 7/6/16: Emailed Kathy Huckabay for any Jan Bird emails regarding this request. lh 7/7/16: Sent additional emails from Kathy to Mr. Hamilton. lh
553 Closed 06/15/2016 6/15/16: Hightailed As-builts. TIR not available. Project developed under KC. MA
552 Closed 06/15/2016 6-20-16: Sent via HIGHTAIL: Electronic documents for TRF (3 of 3 sent and received) Downloaded emails to be reviewed. LH 6-27-16: Sent 4 sets of PDF reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. LH Sent email to be reviewed to Attorneys. LH 6/28/16: Sent SE 4th file documents via HIGHTAIL. LH 6/29/16: Emailed final documents and email from attorney. LH
551 Closed 06/15/2016 6/15/16: Sent requested documents via Hightail. MA
550 Closed 06/15/2016 6/15/16: Forwarded request to Jim Grueber. 6/15/16: Emailed bid documents. MA
549 Closed 06/08/2016 6/13/16: Emailed that request would be completed by June 24. MA Devany L is working on this item. 6/22/16: emailed PDF with information from Devany. LH
548 Closed 06/08/2016 6/13/16: This is a duplicate requests. MA
546 Closed 06/07/2016 6/6/16: Sent As-Builts via Hightail. MA 6/7/17: Sent TIR via Hightail. MA
545 Closed 06/07/2016 5/27/16: No records found. MA
544 Closed 06/07/2016 5/26/16: Copy provided. TH
543 Closed 06/07/2016 5/26/16: Copies provided. KJ
542 Closed 06/07/2016 6/2/16: Copies provided. TH
541 Closed 06/07/2016 6/2/16: Copies provided. TH
540 Closed 06/07/2016 6/6/16: Copies Provided. RP
539 Closed 06/07/2016 6/7/16: Copies provided. RP
538 Closed 06/07/2016 6/9/2016: Copies made and provided. MA
537 Closed 06/06/2016 6/6/16: Emailed requested information. MA
536 Closed 06/04/2016 6/6/16: Sent 5-day letter explaining it will take 30 working days to provide documents. MA 6/10/16: Reviewed parcels. Only information on one. Hightailed those documents. MA
535 Closed 06/03/2016 6/6/16: Sent requested plan via email. MA
534 Closed 06/03/2016 Asked to clarify with a time frame. MA no response. 07/11/16: Did not receive additional clarification on request. MA
533 Closed 06/03/2016 6/3/16: No RFP in last five years. MA
532 Closed 06/03/2016 6/3/16: No RFP within last five years. MA
531 Closed 06/03/2016 5/3/16: Email contract. MA
530 Closed 06/03/2016 6/3/16: No records available. MA
529 Closed 06/02/2016 6-2-2016: Sent all new documents since last request ( PPR#228) via Hightail. LH
528 Closed 06/01/2016 6/6/16: No plan was submitted on April 6, 2016 for that permit number. MA
527 Closed 05/31/2016 5/31/16: 1024069114 (PLN2007-00056) is in storage. Asked if he wanted to view. 6/6/16: Emailed documents for PSUB2015-00273. Repeated Request for above file.; MA
526 Closed 05/31/2016 6/1/16: Hightailed As-Builts. Beth C. answered some additional questions.; MA
525 Closed 05/31/2016 5/31/16: Parcel Number and Address is invalid. Ask requester to check information. MA
524 Closed 05/27/2016 5/27/16: Emailed presentation. MA
523 Closed 05/25/2016 5/26/16: Plans no longer available. MA
519 Closed 05/25/2016 5/27/16: Sent files from TrakIt. Having trouble searching emails. Waiting for help from IT. MA 6/13/16: Sent emails via Hightail. Informed her that some of the emails are being reviewed by legal. MA 6/14/16: Confidential emails to be completed by June 28. MA 6/23/16: Emailed confidential emails that were reviewed by attorney. MA
518 Closed 05/24/2016 5/24/2016: Emailed permit and inspection log. MA
517 Closed 05/24/2016 5/25/2016: Darci emailed site plans for Penny Lane and Penny Lane South. No further documents requested. MA
516 Closed 05/24/2016 5/24/16: Viewed plans. No copies requested. MA
515 Closed 05/24/2016 5/24/16; Reviewed plans. No site plan available. MA
514 Closed 05/23/2016 5/25/16: Ordered box DCD 413. MA 5/26/16: Emailed contents of permit file. MA
513 Closed 05/21/2016 5/23/16: Hightailed plat maps. No documents available regarding the ROW dedication. MA
512 Closed 05/19/2016 5/20/16: No records available. MA
511 Closed 05/18/2016 5/19/16: Sent link to website critical area maps. No letter exists. MA
510 Closed 05/18/2016 5/19/16: Sent link to website critical area maps. No letter exists. MA
509 Closed 05/18/2016 5/19/16: Sent link to website critical area maps. No letter exists. MA
508 Closed 05/18/2016 5/19/16: Sent link to website critical area maps. No letter exists. MA
507 Closed 05/17/2016 5/17/16: Advised her to come in to look at the files, or narrow request. MA 6/16: Emailed attachments to staff;report. Asked if additional documents were required. MA
506 Closed 05/17/2016 5/20/16: Ordered box from Iron Mountain. MA 5/23/16 Box arrived. Notified requestor. MA 5/24/16: Reviewed files, received copies. MA
505 Closed 05/17/2016 5/17/16: Emailed copy of receipt. MA
504 Closed 05/16/2016 5/16/16: Hightailed as-builts for Bellasera. MA
503 Closed 05/16/2016 5/26/16: Kevin provided pre-app notes. No other documents available at this time. MA
502 Closed 05/14/2016 5/20/16: Sent documents and links to documents used for the tree ordinance as provided by M. Sugg. MA 5/27/16: Resent documents related to Tree Ordinance development. No variances have been granted. MA
501 Closed 05/13/2016 5/17/16: Limited public projects to major buildings and schools. MA 5/25/16: Sent Planting Plan for SCAC. MA 5/31/16: Sent Plans for MOC and CH. MA 6/15/16: Emailed to confirm that she still wanted school plans. MA 7/22/16: Closes after 30 days due to no response from requestor. lh
500 Closed 05/13/2016 5/13/16: House built 1972. No plans available. MA
499 Closed 05/11/2016 5/11/16: Emailed that permits requested are in storage. Asked if he wanted them ordered. MA
498 Closed 05/10/2016 Emailed link to PWS on the city website. MA
497 Closed 05/09/2016 Documents from Trakit sent via HIGHTAIL; LH Scanned plans from file.
496 Closed 05/06/2016 5/3/16: Provided copies. MA
495 Closed 05/06/2016 5/11/16: Sent PDF's of emails to Mr. Galvin. Sent PDF of emails to Kenyon Disend for review and possible redaction. LH 5/24/16: Sent reviewed emails and redaction log via Hightail. MA
494 Closed 05/06/2016 5/6/16: Sent comments from file. Explained to her that is no appeal on the project currently. MA
493 Closed 05/06/2016 5/2/2016: Documents provided
492 Closed 05/06/2016 5/3/16: No documents available. No code cases. Directed him to EF & R.
491 Closed 05/05/2016 5/9/16: Email instructions for accessing MA
490 Closed 05/05/2016 5/5/16: Emailed request to Jim G. MA 5/10: Emailed requested documents. MA
489 Closed 05/04/2016 5/5/16: Parcel located in unincorporated King County. MA
488 Closed 05/04/2016 5/5/16: Emailed that substation was constructed before incorporation. Directed her to KC. MA
487 Closed 05/04/2016 5/5/16: PSE facility was built before incorporation. Directed her to KC. MA
486 Closed 05/02/2016 5/3/16: Emailed pre-app notes. MA
485 Closed 05/02/2016 5/2/2016: Emailed site plan. MA
484 Closed 05/02/2016 Provided documents. MA
483 Closed 04/29/2016 Copies provided
482 Closed 04/29/2016 4/29/16 Provided copies of emails. TH
481 Closed 04/28/2016 4/29/16: Emailed preliminary submittals and building permit. MA
480 Closed 04/27/2016 4/27/16: Documents not available. Directed him to King County. MA
479 Closed 04/26/2016 4/27/16: Emailed that we did not have any as-builts for the property. Directed him to contact other utilities directly for information. MA
478 Closed 04/25/2016 4/25/16: Sent files for Parcel #2025069085. Files for other parcel are in storage. MA. 5/25/16: No response on request for files. MA
477 Closed 04/25/2016 4/25/16: Sent As-Builts via Hightail. MA
476 Closed 04/25/2016 4/22/16: Missy provided requested copies. MA
475 Closed 04/25/2016 4/25/2016: Emailed that no additional basin plans were available. MA
474 Closed 04/22/2016 4/22/16: Forwarded Request to Steven C. MA 4/25/16: Emailed for clarification on volume and speed data. MA 4/28/16: Sent 5-day email. Should be ready by 5/6. MA 4/29/16: Sent accident information. City does not keep other data requested. MA.
473 Closed 04/22/2016 emailed links to the Sewer districts website and a NE sewer map. lh
472 Closed 04/21/2016 4/21/16: Forwarded request to Tawni Dalziel for response. lh Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL lh
471 Closed 04/21/2016 4/21/16: Emailed permit information from Trakit and called to confirm email address. Info bounced back. lh House plans available in Will Call drawer. lh 8/23/16; Owner picked up plans. th
470 Closed 04/19/2016 4/20/16: floor plans have been destroyed. lh 4/21/16: emailed permit information and site plan. lh
469 Closed 04/20/2016 4/21/16: Emailed email from L. Howard. MA
468 Closed 04/20/2016 Received correction letters from 3/18/16. KJ
467 Closed 04/20/2016 Emailed requested document. lh
466 Closed 04/20/2016 4/21/16: Replaced ordinance with corrected version. Emailed that it was available on line.; MA
465 Closed 04/18/2016 emailed decision for Halcyon Dev LLC. md
464 Closed 04/18/2016 emailed documents. th
463 Closed 04/18/2016 emailed documents. th
462 Closed 03/29/2016 emailed copy of permit. th
461 Closed 04/20/2016 Emailed motion. ma ;
460 Closed 04/19/2016 4/21/2016: Received updated clarification as follows Thanks, Melonie.; I think I actually submitted two separate Public Records Requests (probably leading to your confusion), with one being as follows: “Pursuant to the Public Records Act, could you please provide me the following information—ideally electronically: All land use or development applications, approvals, denials, or decisions pertaining to the real property associated with King County Tax Parcel 0224069024 or address 2112 West Beaver Lake Drive SE, Sammamish, WA” And the other being limited to the Shoreline Variance related permits. By this email, let me amend or replace both of those requests to be limited to the following, and if I have a need for more information, I will do so.; You can replace the former two requests with a request for the following documents: Documents related to shoreline variance (including application, staff report, decisions) Documents pertaining to critical areas on the lot (critical area delineations, reports, and decisions) Thanks.; Let me know if that helps clarify or makes sense. ;;We are trying to get a sense of the condition of the site and development constraints, while being aware that there is a decision may not have yet been made on a pending Shoreline Variance application. ;MA 4/25/2016:;Hightailed all documents in Trakit and HE decision. MA
459 Closed 04/19/2016 4/19/2016: Emailed As-builts. No additional documents available. Directed her to King County for records. MA
458 Closed 04/19/2016 4/20/2016: Emailed bid documents. MA
457 Closed 04/19/2016 4/19/16: Sent files via Hightail.
456 Closed 04/18/2016 4/19/2016: Sent requested documents via Hightail. MA 4/19/2016: Requested additional documents. Ordered box from Iron Mountain. He will be in to view on Monday. MA 4/25/16: Inspected file for Parcel# 9201100261. No requested documents exist for Parcel# 9201100140. MA
455 Closed 04/17/2016 Sent all documents from TRAKIT. lh
454 Closed 04/15/2016 Emailed information from TRAKIT. lh
453 Closed 03/17/2016 Emailed documents. KJ
452 Closed 04/15/2016 Sent request via Hightail LH
451 Closed 04/14/2016 4/15/16: Emailed Mr. Snyder an update. Ordered DCD199 from Iron Mt storage. Should arrive 4/22/16. lh 4/22/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
450 Closed 04/14/2016 4/15/16: Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
449 Closed 04/13/2016 Same request as # 448
448 Closed 04/13/2016 4/13/16: Emailed requested report. LH
447 Closed 04/13/2016 Sent all documents from TRAKIT relating to Parcel # 2025069071 lh
446 Closed 04/13/2016 4-13-16: Could not located any plans for monument signs. LH
445 Closed 04/13/2016 Sent a copy of site plan for Met market. lh gave Evan's contact info for remainder of request. lh
444 Closed 04/13/2016 Electronic documents sent via HIGHTAIL LH
443 Closed 04/11/2016 Emailed information from TRAKIT. LH
442 Closed 04/08/2016 scanned site plan and geotech report - emailed TH
441 Closed 04/04/2016 scanned requested copies and sent via email. TH
440 Closed 04/01/2016 Reviewed plans no Copies. TH
439 Closed 03/25/2016 provided information. Kevin J
438 Closed 03/24/2016 viewed file and plans no copies requested. TH
437 Closed 04/07/2016 Lahnie, I don’t see any permitting for a boat lift.; Based on aerial photos your dock and boatlift was built sometime between 2005-2007.; There was a permit issued 1/21/2005 for dock repairs but it doesn’t appear as if any work was done or if it was no inspections were called in.; This permit (BLD2004-01264) is now expired. I do see a code case has been opened for the boat lift installation without permits.; The code case is CVC2015-00036.; You can get more information about this from our code compliance officer, Chris Hankins or Devany Lunde.; Chris Hankins ;;; Devany Lunde;; Greg Ashley was the applicant for the permit.;; He specializes in docks/permitting.; His contact is: Shoreline Design 425-957-9381 Missy
436 Closed 04/11/2016 Emailed copy to Reconsideration request from Murray Franklyn.
435 Closed 04/11/2016 Forwarded request to Finance for response. LH 4/11/16: Emailed a 5-Day response letter at Finance's request. Documents due now on Monday, April 25th. LH 4/22/16: Emailed document. lh
434 Closed 04/11/2016 4/11/16: Ordered DCD202-Stoddard from Iron Mountain. should be delivered on Friday, April 15th LH 4/11/16: file here at City Hall. Mike Miller will be in this afternoon to review. LH
433 Closed 04/08/2016 Sent via Hightail. lh
432 Closed 04/08/2016 Directed to the City website for copy of presentation. LH
431 Closed 04/07/2016 Sent plan set via HIGHTAIL. LH
430 Closed 04/07/2016 4/7/16: Requested clarification on request. MA 4/12/2016: Sent all notices regarding PLN 2006-00039;via email.
429 Closed 04/06/2016 Sent electronic documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
428 Closed 04/05/2016 Emailed a;spreadsheet for each of the years requested. LH
427 Closed 04/05/2016 4/5/16: Send documents for SPD2013-01364 via HIGHTAIL. LH
426 Closed 04/04/2016 4/5/16: Forwarded to the KCSO for response. LH
425 Closed 04/04/2016 4/4/16: Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT. LH
424 Closed 04/04/2016 4/4/16: Emailed PW for information on electronic documents and files. LH 4/4/16: Searched and downloaded Tamarack emails from OUTLOOK. LH 4/4/16: Send Public Works electronic documents via HIGHTAIL. LH 4/8/16: Send emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
423 Closed 04/01/2016 Completed on 4/4/16: Emailed response and copy of plat map. Home was built in 1979 so suggested to contact King County. LH
422 Closed 04/01/2016 4/1/16: emailed all scanned documents from file. Lh
421 Closed 04/01/2016 Emailed requested documents. LH
420 Closed 03/31/2016 Sent info via HIGHTAIL. LH
419 Closed 03/31/2016 Electronic documents sent VIA HighTail LH
418 Closed 03/30/2016 Emailed plans;- Haim Strsbourger
417 Closed 03/29/2016 3/29/16: Sent electronic files of site plan. Explained that city does not keep house plans.
416 Closed 03/29/2016 Sent emails via HIGHTAIL. LH
415 Closed 03/29/2016 Sent emails via HIGHTAIL. LH
414 Closed 03/29/2016 Emailed latest spreadsheet. MA
413 Closed 03/29/2016 3/29/16: emailed requesting more clarification on the location needed. LH 3/30/16: emailed 2 old location plans. No house plans available. LH
412 Closed 03/29/2016 3/29/16: Send requested digital information on file via HIGHTAIL. LH
411 Closed 03/28/2016 3/29/16: Forwarded this request to Public Works for a response. LH 3/29/16: Forwarded the inspection records from 2010 for D91053 - Tlingit Addition 3/31/16: Ms. Dalziel did not have any additional information to add. LH
410 Closed 03/28/2016 3/29/16: Emailed response to Mr. Nale. No permit information available in TRAKIT or historical archive. LH
409 Closed 03/28/2016 3/29/16: SDT2016-00068 - emailed documents relating to this permit. Uncertain if this is the correct location. LH Emailed BLD2012-00189 Dock permit info
408 Closed 03/25/2016 3/25/16: Sent electronic documents requested via HIGHTAIL. Lh Files are onsite and available for viewing. Lh
407 Closed 03/25/2016 Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH Welcome to come in to City Hall to review files. LH
406 Closed 03/25/2016 3/25/16: Recommended she contact KCSO;- resubmittal for police report. LH
405 Closed 03/24/2016 emailed on 3.24.16 TH
404 Closed 03/20/2016 3/21/16: received email from Anjali. MA 3/24/16: emailed requested documents.
403 Closed 03/24/2016 Here is a copy of the Details Report I was referring to. As far as the deck goes, you (or your client) are welcome to come in to city hall and view the permit and building plans. We can make copies as needed (.15 a copy for 8 ½ X 11, up to $5.00 for 24 X 36 per copy). ;Tony Hudson;
402 Closed 03/23/2016 Emily Arteche phoned and left a voice message with Mr. Stockman. Hightailed requested plans and SEPA Checklist. LH
401 Closed 03/23/2016 Sent file documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
400 Closed 03/23/2016 Emailed documents from TRAKIT and welcome to come in and review any files. LH
399 Closed 03/21/2016 3/22/16: Forwarded to Parks and Recreation department for documents. LH 3/24/16: Sent 5-day Response email. LH 3/31/16: Sent first set of reviewed documents via Hightail- LH 5/9/16: Sent second set of reviewed documents via Hightail - There will be two additional sets. The next one should be available in two weeks. MA 7/13/16: emailed the 3rd installment of reviewed and redacted documents. lh 7/18/16: sent the 4th and final installment via HIGHTAIL. lh
398 Closed 03/21/2016 3/24/16: Emailed link to Sammamish Service Portal. LH
397 Closed 03/21/2016 completed. Emailed documents. LH
396 Closed 03/14/2016 emailed decision. LH
395 Closed 03/16/2016 emailed document. LH
394 Closed 03/21/2016 emailed PDF of presentation. LH
393 Closed 03/18/2016 Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT and invited Nicole to come to City Hall to view files. LH
392 Closed 03/17/2016 Plans were destroyed 6 months after final. LH
391 Closed 03/17/2016 Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH Hard copy file available for viewing upon request. LH
390 Closed 03/17/2016 Ordered DCD483 from Iron Mt. LH Emailed additional documents from IRON Mt. on 3/18/16. LH
389 Closed 03/16/2016 forwarded to KCSO for response. LH
388 Closed 03/15/2016 Ordered DCD386 from Iron Mountain. LH Emailed scanned;contents of file from Iron Mt. Lh
387 Closed 03/15/2016 fulfilled at counter. LH
386 Closed 03/15/2016 Emailed documents per request. LH
385 Closed 03/15/2016 forwarded to PW for response. LH 3/23/16: withdrew request. LH
384 Closed 03/15/2016 emailed requested plans. LH
383 Closed 03/14/2016 Contacted Evan Maxim for search parameters. LH Sent 1st set of reviewed emails via Hightail on 4/8/16. LH Sent 2nd set of reviewed emails to Ms. Otto. LH 4/12/16 Closed
382 Closed 03/14/2016 3/16/16: Emailed request to Brock. LH 3/18/16: Contacted Mr. Hayes with an approximate time line. LH 3/24/16: Brock to send documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
381 Closed 03/14/2016 Duplicate request as # 380. closed LH
380 Closed 03/14/2016 Documents from Trakit sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
379 Closed 03/14/2016 Duplicate request to # 378 - Completed LH
378 Closed 03/14/2016 Sent documents from TRAKit via HIGHTAIL. LH
377 Closed 03/11/2016 Emailed link to notice and packet information. LH
376 Closed 03/11/2016 emailed Jen with electronic documents from TRAKIT. Asked if she would like to view the file too. LH
375 Closed 03/08/2016 Completed. KJ
374 Closed 03/03/2016 completed. KJ
373 Closed 03/02/2016 Provided requested copies TH
372 Closed 03/11/2016 Completed. KJ
371 Closed 03/11/2016 completed. KJ
370 Closed 03/11/2016 3-11-16: emailed a 5-Day Response Letter. LH Contacted parks for documents and downloaded correspondence to review. Lh 3/24/16: emailed an update to Mr. Linn. 1st installment next week and second in a few weeks. LH 3/31/16: sent first set of reviewed documents via HIGHTAIL - LH 5/9/16: sent second set of reviewed documents via Hightail.;There will be two additional installments. Next set will be available in two weeks.;- MA 6/21/16: Remainder of documents no longer needed.
369 Closed 03/11/2016 Emailed permit information from TRAKIT. LH
368 Closed 03/10/2016 Sent plans and PRA info via HIGHTAIL. LH
367 Closed 03/09/2016 sent via HIGHTAIL EM
366 Closed 03/04/2016 emailed to Mr. Mounsey. TH
365 Closed 03/07/2016 emailed notes on 3/7/16: SS
364 Closed 03/01/2016 sent via HIGHTAIL LH
363 Closed 03/09/2016 Ordered DCD362 from Iron Mt. for BLD2006-00037 Emailed a copy of certificate of Occ. LH
362 Closed 03/09/2016 sent via LH
361 Closed 03/09/2016 Forwarded to Darci D. LH Darci responded on 3/9/16 forwarded to Mr. Flowers. LH
360 Closed 03/07/2016 Sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
359 Closed 03/07/2016 Sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
358 Closed 03/07/2016 Emailed digital documents and plan set.; Will order file from Iron Mt on Wed. for a Friday delivery. LH 3/11/16: Contacted Mr. Rodabough. He will be in this afternoon to review the files. LH
357 Closed 03/06/2016 3/7/16: Put in a request to PW for information. LH Emailed a copy of the Tamarack preliminary design memo which includes a plan set.
356 Closed 03/04/2016 forwarded to David Pyle for response. LH Closed. David emailed a link to Mr. Weiner. LH
355 Closed 03/04/2016 Here is the set of Recorded Plans for Barrington (FSUB2015-00226.; Tony
354 Closed 03/04/2016 Completed on 3/3/16 by Tony H.
353 Closed 03/03/2016 Sent electronic documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
352 Closed 03/02/2016 Sent electronic documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
351 Closed 03/02/2016 documents sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
350 Closed 03/02/2016 Closed. Redirected to the King County Sheriff's office website for public disclosure requests. LH
349 Closed 03/02/2016 Sent plan sets via HIGHTAIL. LH
348 Closed 03/02/2016 3/4/16: Emailed M&O for any information. LH replied to Carl on 3/7/16: No current contract. LH
347 Closed 03/02/2016 Sent response via email and HIGHTAIL. LH
346 Closed 03/02/2016 emailed documents. LH
345 Closed 03/02/2016 Send all Audio files relating to Trail Hearing via HIGHTAIL LH
344 Closed 03/02/2016 Scanned file and Trakit update. LH
343 Closed 03/02/2016 Closed. Plans have been destroyed. LH
342 Closed 03/02/2016 3/3/16: Ordered boxes from Iron Mt. DCD198 and DCD481. LH Delivered on Friday, March 4 3/4/16:; Scanned building permit and emailed Dmitriy that the files are available at the reception desk for viewing. LH 3/7/16: Dmitriy will be in later this week to review files.
341 Closed 03/01/2016 Electronic docs sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
340 Closed 03/01/2016 Sent electronic docs via HIGHTAIL. LH
339 Closed 03/01/2016 Documents sent via Hightail. LH
338 Closed 02/27/2016 Emailed preliminary plan set. LH
337 Closed 03/01/2016 Sent all documents via Hightail. LH
336 Closed 03/01/2016 PRA2016-00004 emailed documents. LH
335 Closed 03/01/2016 Emailed documents. LH
334 Closed 03/01/2016 Sent all electronic documents from Trakit via HIGHTAIL; LH
333 Closed 02/29/2016 Forwarded to Evan Maxim for a response. LH 3/1/16: Evan emailed Chunhua Chen a response and copy of the decision. LH
332 Closed 02/29/2016 Sent permit info via HIGHTAIL. LH 3/10/16: susan Cezar meeting next week. Will discuss if additional information needed. LH ;
331 Closed 02/29/2016 Ordered file from Iron MT. DCD382 3/4/16: scanned site plan and contacted Mr. Horton. LH 3/7/16: Contacted Mr. Horton for an email address and emailed the requested documents. LH
330 Closed 02/25/2016 Ordered DCD419 3/4/16: Scanned site plan from file, contacted Ms. Sheriff to view file. She will be in on Monday to review the file. 3/8/16: emailed copy of site plan. TH
329 Closed 02/24/2016 Processed by Evan M.
328 Closed 02/25/2016 completed on 2/25/16 DD
327 Closed 02/26/2016 Responded on 2/26/16. SL
326 Closed 02/18/2016 Responded to Mr. Peterson. LH
325 Closed 02/24/2016 emailed info on 2/24/16. BC
324 Closed 02/25/2016 info sent via HIGHTAIL. SS
323 Closed 02/25/2016 emailed info. TH
322 Closed 02/16/2016 completed by Jennifer D on Mon 2/22
321 Closed 02/26/2016 Ordered from Iron Mt to be delivered on Fri. March 4th 3/4/16: Scanned file and emailed. LH
320 Closed 02/26/2016 Electronic files sent via HIGHTAIL LH
319 Closed 02/26/2016 2/29/16: Sent to PW for a response. LH 3/1/16: Tawni Dalziel responded to Ms. Wictor. LH
318 Closed 02/26/2016 2/29/16: Forwarded to PW for response. LH Tawni responded that PW does not track rainfall data. LH
317 Closed 02/25/2016 Sent requested plan sets via HIGHTAIL. LH 3/8/16: Resent plan sets. LH
316 Closed 02/24/2016 2/26/16: Sent plan sets via Hightail; LH 3/7/16: Resent the Hightail links. LH
315 Closed 02/24/2016 2/29/16: picked up plan set
314 Closed 02/24/2016 Emailed documents. LH
313 Closed 02/24/2016 2/24/16: Called Linda to clarify the contact information and her request. Sent documents via HighTail. LH
312 Closed 02/23/2016 Plan set sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
311 Closed 02/22/2016 Sent scanned documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
310 Closed 02/21/2016 Permit issued by King county before 1999. LH
309 Closed 02/19/2016 2/19/2016 Box will be ordered from archives on 2/24. Will arrive 2/26. DCD219 file box was already at city hall. Mr. Rodabough came back to review the file. LH
308 Closed 02/19/2016 2/19/16: Permit information was issued by King County in 1997. Referred to KC Records. LH
307 Closed 02/18/2016 2/18/16: emailed information from TRAKIT.; Hard file for PLN2008-00045 at IRON MT. Requested if she would like it ordered. LH 2/19/16: Hard copy file is not needed at this time. Jo Ryan with Goldsmith
306 Closed 02/17/2016 Emailed Calan with information regarding this request. LH
305 Closed 02/16/2016 Emailed requested documents. LH
304 Closed 02/16/2016 Emailed documents. HS
303 Closed 02/14/2016 stormwater plans sent via HIGHTAIL LH
302 Closed 02/12/2016 sent plans via HIGHTAIL LH
301 Closed 02/12/2016 emailed PRA document from TRAkit LH
300 Closed 02/12/2016 sent documents via email. LH
299 Closed 02/12/2016 2/12/16: Emailed Allison with some documents relating to this request. Some files are in storage and may be requested. LH Ordered DCD 413 and DCD 407 to be delivered Friday, Feb. 19 2/19/16: Scanned all document in BLD2004-01006 and emailed to Allison. LH
298 Closed 02/11/2016 Ordered DCD 100 to be delivered Friday, Feb. 19 2/19/16: Sent scanned documents from File to Mr. Nguyen via HighTail. LH
297 Closed 02/11/2016 sent via HighTail; LH
296 Closed 02/11/2016 Sent documents via HighTail; LH
295 Closed 02/10/2016 No active projects for senior living at this time. Darci
294 Closed 02/09/2016 Completed. KJ
293 Closed 02/09/2016 emailed copy of permit. TH
292 Closed 02/09/2016 Emailed stormwater plans and report. LH
291 Closed 01/13/2016 emailed report. TH
290 Closed 01/27/2016 emailed copy of the Datails Report for the Re-roof permit. The middle of page two shows the Approved Final sign-off from 1/15/2016. TH
289 Closed 01/27/2016 emailed copy of permits. TH
288 Closed 02/08/2016 Could not locate any related documents. LH
287 Closed 02/08/2016 Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
286 Closed 02/08/2016 Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
285 Closed 02/08/2016 Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
284 Closed 02/08/2016 Resent documents requested via Hightail. LH
283 Closed 02/08/2016 emailed a PDF copy. LH
281 Closed 02/05/2016 Replied to Mr. Hanson for more clarification. LH Sent MULLET RUE electronic files to Kurt. LH Ordered DCD418 from IRON MT. for a Friday, Feb. 12 delivery. LH 2/18/16: Mr. Hanson will be in on Friday, Feb. 19 at 10 AM to review the files. LH File to remain at City Hall as he may return next week for further review.
280 Closed 02/04/2016 Reviewed file and emailed all new documents since mid November 2015. LH
279 Closed 01/27/2016 emailed Missy thee Porter Brothers Contract Bond. MA
278 Closed 02/03/2016 Shelby emailed the information to Sera. LH
277 Closed 02/02/2016 Sent information requested via HIGHTAIL. RP
276 Closed 02/03/2016 emailed information to Mr. Mason. EM
275 Closed 02/01/2016 Emailed response and information. DD
274 Closed 02/03/2016 emailed packet PDF for Tamarack Drainage Project. LH
273 Closed 02/03/2016 New Single Family residential permits issued in 2015 = 184 ;DD
272 Closed 02/02/2016 reviewed files at front counter. No copies. took photos. SL
271 Closed 02/02/2016 emailed plan set. LH
270 Closed 01/29/2016 Tony emailed information. LH
269 Closed 02/01/2016 Sent exhibits via HIGHTAIL. LH
268 Closed 02/01/2016 Emailed scanned permit documents. LH
267 Closed 01/27/2016 1/27/2016: Emailed report. TH
265 Closed 01/30/2016 Forwarded request to Darci to run report in TRAKIT. LH Created reports from TRAKIT and emailed Mr. Dacosta LH
264 Closed 01/29/2016 Sent all documents from TRAKIT. LH
263 Closed 01/29/2016 emailed information from TRAKIT and scanned file. LH
262 Closed 01/29/2016 Sent electronic plan sets via Hightail; LH
261 Closed 01/28/2016 1/28/2016: Emailed plat map. MA
260 Closed 01/28/2016 1/28/16: Hightailed plat map. MA
259 Closed 01/28/2016 1/28/16: Forwarded request on the Stormwater. MA 2/3/16: emailed documents to Mr. Stickney. LH
258 Closed 01/27/2016 1/28/16: Emailed him and directed him to King County Records. MA
257 Closed 01/25/2016 emailed decision. LH
256 Closed 01/25/2016 Tree retention emailed and Code case sent via Hightail. Devany
255 Closed 01/21/2016 Sent Town Center commercial site plans to Mr. Grace via Hightail. LH Evan Maxim sent the new Commons plans also. LH
254 Closed 01/20/2016 1/20/16: Sent electronic document for Strand SP and 223rd Assemblage via HIGHTAIL. LH
253 Closed 01/20/2016 This parcel is in unincorporated King County.
252 Closed 01/19/2016 Sent plans via HIGHTAIL . LH
251 Closed 01/19/2016 Scanned 2 plans from file and emailed. LH
250 Closed 01/19/2016 12/18/15: emailed permit details. TH
245 Closed 01/13/2016 Closed: emailed detailed report from TRAKIT. TH
244 Closed 01/19/2016 Emailed electronic info from TRAKIT. LH 1/20/16: Sent scanned plan sets via HIGHTAIL. LH
242 Closed 01/19/2016 1/19/16: Sent SE 20th Non-Motorized Improvements via HIGHTAIL. LH
241 Closed 01/18/2016 1/19/16: sent;requested documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
240 Closed 01/15/2016 1/19/16: emailed a copy of the Pedrizetti TIR. LH
239 Closed 01/07/2016 1/7/16: Darci responded by email. LH
238 Closed 01/08/2016 1-8-16: Darci response via email. LH
237 Closed 01/14/2016 Emailed scanned copy of the Eden's Glen TIR via Hightail. LH
236 Closed 01/14/2016 1/15/16: Sent all plans available digitally pertaining to the request. LH
235 Closed 01/12/2016 Mona assisted at front counter. LH
234 Closed 01/12/2016 1/13/16: Emailed Mr. Eden that I will be sending the documents via HIGHTAIL. LH 1/13/16: Emailed links via HIGHTAIL for documents relating to: UZDP2013-00144 Southeast Village UZDP2014-00263 - The Village @ Sammamish Town Center UZDP2014-00278 - Plateau 120 Apartments Welcome to view all other documents relating to these projects at City Hall. LH
233 Closed 01/10/2016 1/12/15: Sent all digital documents requested via HIGHTAIL. LH
232 Closed 01/09/2016 1/11/15: No grant was issued to the senior center. LH
231 Closed 01/08/2016 1/11/15: Emailed records from TRAKIT and scanned docs from file. LH
230 Closed 01/07/2016 Replied that this;request needs to be submitted to King County Sheriff's Office. LH
229 Closed 01/05/2016 1/7/16: No pre-app meeting scheduled yet.; Informed Mr. Dougan to contact at a later date. LH
228 Closed 01/04/2016 1/7/16: emailed all digital documents. LH
227 Closed 01/04/2016 1/4/16 Emailed her that King County would have house plans and that she would need to locate the markers or hire a surveyor to establish lot lines. MA
226 Closed 01/01/2016 1/4/16 Emailed Darci to see if we have this information. MA 1/7/16: Emailed the numbers to Mr. Johnson. LH