Public Record Request Status

ID Current Status Date Received Status Detail
1888 Closed 12/29/2017 1/2/18: Directed to King County Sheriff website. MA
1887 Closed 12/29/2017 1/3/18 - Searching for permit file. - TCM 1/4/18 - Sent site plan to requestor via Hightail and closed request. - TCM
1886 Closed 12/28/2017 12/29/17: Referred to KC Sheriff website. MA
1885 Closed 12/28/2017 1/4/18-Emailed requested documents. AK
1884 Closed 12/27/2017 12/27/17: Directed him to King County Recorder's Office. MA
1883 Closed 12/27/2017 12/27/17: Email request information. MA
1882 Closed 12/20/2017 12/26/17 - Request received and fulfilled by Tony Hudson. Sent 2 plans (one for each project) and LID BMP info sheet (3 PDFs total) to requestor via email. - TCM
1881 Closed 12/26/2017 12/29/17 - Will begin searching for responsive records. Referred requestor to KCSO for police records. 1/2/18 - Sent search parameters and non-exempt emails via Hightail. Awaiting return date of potentially exempt emails from attorney. - TCM 1/9/18 - Sent attorney reviewed emails to requestor via email. - TCM
1880 Closed 12/22/2017 12/26/17 - Searching for whether responsive records exist. - TCM 12/29/17 - Sent responsive documents to requestor via Hightail. - TCM
1879 Closed 12/21/2017 12/22/17 Emailed Denise asking for more clarification. Closed request and sent her contact information for KCSO Records Department. AK
1878 Closed 12/21/2017 12/21/17 Emailed Gavin all documents we have on file. AK
1877 Closed 12/20/2017 12/21/17: Sent all proposals submitted with the exception of D2 Creative Branding. Sent third party notice to D2 with deadline for filing injunction of January 19, 2018. MA 2/14/18: No response from D2. Sent their RFP. MA
1876 Closed 12/20/2017 12/21/17: Forwarded request to Ben R. MA
1875 Closed 12/20/2017 12/21/17: Forwarded to Steven Chen. MA
1874 Closed 12/19/2017 emailed requested document. TH
1873 Closed 12/13/2017 12/18/17: Requested document is not signed by Lyman yet. He is out of the office until 12/18/17. MA 12/21/17: Forwarded to Mike Kenyon for review. MA 12/29/17: Still waiting on City Attorney review. Gave Miki a due date of 1/5/2018. MA
1872 Closed 12/15/2017 None
1871 Closed 12/14/2017 12/21/17: sent request to Public Works for documents related to this request. LH 12/21/17: sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
1870 Closed 12/14/2017 12/19/17 Emailed documents to Nick. AK 12/21/17 Emailed Nick asking if he was satisfied with documents and if I could close out. Sent another email sending him to inquire at king county records since that location was recently annexed in 2016. AK
1869 Closed 12/12/2017 12/18/17: Sent 5 day email. Will respond again by Jan 5. MA 1/4/18: Sent email requesting clarification. MA 1/5/18: Clarified he wanted all correspondence. Sent pre app information from Trakit. Gave due date of January 31 for emails. MA 2/5/18: Sent additional information provided by Kellye. Asked if he wanted to come in and view hard copies that Kellye has in a binder. Need to check with Doug to make sure he has provided everything. MA. 3/21/18 - No response from requestor for over 30 days. Closing request. - TCM
1868 Closed 12/11/2017 12/11/17 - Received via email by Karen Porterfield. Karen will contact Republic to get the info from bullet point #3. - TCM 2/12/18 - Following up with Maia Knox who now manages the Republic contract to obtain info. Will respond by 2/23/18. - TCM 2/14/18 - Sent records that Maia provided via Hightail to requestor. - TCM
1867 Closed 12/11/2017 12/13/17 Advised him to check with King County Records for his requested information. AK
1866 Closed 12/05/2017 12/5/17 - Received request and began search for document. - TCM 12/6/17 - Provided SMP from Comp Plan via email and also made a hard copy available for pick up. - TCM 12/11/17 - Received phone message from requestor that document provided was not the one being requested. Will begin search for other SMP documents. - TCM 12/14/17 - Sent the Dept. of Ecology approved SMP document as adopted by O2011-308 and Appendices A, B, and C via email along with a hyperlink to SMC Title 25. - TCM
1865 Closed 12/11/2017 Emailed copies of DOE decisions as requested. LH
1864 Closed 12/09/2017 12/14/17: Informed him that we do not track the performance of the YMCA. Sent Lease agreement. Will check with Jessi regarding documents about gift of public funds. MA 1/19/18 - Sent non-exempt emails, screenshots of the email search parameters, and YMCA performance presentation via Hightail to requestor. Awaiting expected return date from attorney for review of potentially exempt emails. - TCM 1/22/18 - Added clarification update to request based on response to email sent Friday - "performance" only relates to financial, not the building's performance records. - TCM 2/2/18 - Sent attorney reviewed emails via email. - TCM 4/24/18 - Requestor asked the following and was provided a statement from the City Manager as well as additional documents and website links by the Deputy City Manager. - TCM "...i'd like to get the full unedited legal opinion from the city attorney, and also, the basis for the estimate of a $400k loss if the city operated the community center. "
1863 Closed 12/09/2017 12/13/17 Emailed that we are working on request. I also spoke to Karen to get clarification of her request. I referred her to the project manager for future inquiries regarding project status. AK
1862 Closed 12/07/2017 12/11/17 Sent via Hightail requested documents for SDP2017-01701.AK
1861 Closed 12/07/2017 12/7/17 - Sent email to requestor redirecting them to contact KCSO. - TCM
1860 Closed 12/07/2017 12/26/17 - Need to speak with Emily Arteche to determine whether responsive records exist per the request. - TCM 1/12/18-Sent requested documents via hightail.AK
1859 Closed 12/07/2017 12/7/17: Directed her to the website. MA
1858 Closed 12/07/2017 12/26/17 - Sent requested exhibits to requestor via email. Will work with Emily Arteche, planner in charge of this project, to locate remaining records regarding "Tract C". - TCM 1/12/18- Emailed Wendy the documents Emily supplied to complete the request. AK 1/17/18 - Emailed requestor with scan of previous site plan pg 9 showing Tracts C and M. Also provided screenshots highlighting that Tract C is now called Tract J on the current site plan and Tract M is now Tract C. - TCM
1857 Closed 12/04/2017 12/7/17 - Entered manually. Request received by Tony Hudson via email and fulfilled via email. - TCM
1856 Closed 12/06/2017 12/11/17 Emailed site plan to Darren. AK
1855 Closed 12/06/2017 12/7/17 - After Resolution R2017-762 was published to the website, sent link to webpage to requestor. - TCM
1854 Closed 12/06/2017 12/22/17 Emailed requested documents. AK
1853 Closed 12/06/2017 12/11/17 Emailed permit per Angie's request. AK
1852 Closed 12/06/2017 12/11/17 Emailed pre-application notes to Diana. AK
1851 Closed 12/06/2017 12/7/17 - Requested clarification regarding request. - TCM 12/8/17 - Received clarification. Added to request text. - TCM 12/15/17 - Sent exempt emails and search parameter screenshots via Hightail. Attorney reviewed emails due 1/31/2018. - TCM 1/30/18 - Sent attorney reviewed emails to requestor via Hightail. - TCM
1850 Closed 12/06/2017 12/13/17 - Emailed Mr. Galvin with hyperlink to webpage for R2017-728 to address the "written guidelines...for how and when items related to revisions of city ordinances can be added to...agendas". The request for emails will be fulfilled under his PRR #1851. - TCM
1849 Closed 12/06/2017 12/13/17 - Closed request as it does not request records, rather information. Referred to Deputy City Clerk Hachey to address his questions. 12/14/17: responded to Mr. Galvin's questions. LH
1848 Closed 12/05/2017 12/6/17 Emailed Delia that I have FWD her request onto our permit center manager. AK 12/7/17 Emailed Delia that no records were found for the parcel numbers listed on her request. AK
1847 Closed 12/01/2017 12/5/17 Emailed Amanda we are working o her request. AK 12/7/17 Emailed requested documents. AK
1846 Closed 12/01/2017 12/5/17 Emailed John we are working on his request. AK 12/7/17 Emailed requested TIR's to John. AK
1845 Closed 11/30/2017 12/4/17 Emailed requested pre-application information. File request from storage for PLN2009-00014. AK 12/6/17 Called Dmitriy went through request, scanned documents and emailed them to him. AK
1844 Closed 11/30/2017 12/5/17 - Sent via Hightail all permit records from TRAKiT along with the scanned paper Clear & Grade permit file. - TCM
1843 Closed 11/29/2017 12/1/17 emailed Ashley to contact KC Sheriff's Records Department for the requested information. AK
1842 Closed 11/29/2017 12/1/17 Emailed Diane that I was requesting the file be pulled from storage which takes about a week. AK 12/6/17 Emailed TIR per request. AK
1841 Closed 11/29/2017 11/29/17 - Sent link via email to King County PRR for King County candidate information. - TCM 12/5/17 - Sent an email with link to KC webpage for candidate races and contact info. - TCM
1840 Closed 11/29/2017 12/5/17 Emailed Kristen we do not have the information she is requesting and advised her to get a title report. AK
1839 Closed 11/29/2017 11/29/17 - Permit Center Manager Donovan ran report from TRAKiT for all pre-apps for short plats applied for this year. Isolated those from past 100 days (using business days rather than calendar to err on side of caution) and then downloaded the responsive records from Attachments in TRAKiT along with Project Details report for each pre-app. Sent files via Hightail to requestor. - TCM
1838 Closed 11/28/2017 11/28/17 - Received request via email to myself. Sent the 2015 and 2017 agreements in PDF format via email. - TCM
1837 Closed 11/27/2017 Sent requested document, not signed version. 11/28/17 AK
1836 Closed 11/27/2017 11-28-17: Downloaded documents from TRaKIT. LH 11-29-17: Downloaded emails from Outlook eDiscovery. LH 12-01-17: Sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL and continued to email review. LH 12-07-17: Sent reviewed emails to Mr. Parker and confidential emails to attorney's for review and possible redaction. Sent via HIGHTAIL. Expected return date of January 3, 2018 for attorney's review. LH 12/26/17 - Sent attorney reviewed emails to requestor via email. - TCM
1835 Closed 11/27/2017 Emailed pre-application notes. 11/27/17 AK
1834 Closed 11/27/2017 None
1833 Closed 11/21/2017 11-27-17: emailed copies of decisions for Chestnut Lane. LH
1832 Closed 11/27/2017 11/29/17 - Working to collect responsive records. Requested clarification on #3 from Mr. Hamilton. - TCM 11/30/17 - Received clarification for #3 which I have added to the request above. - TCM 12/1/17 - Sent responsive emails and search parameters via Hightail. Responsive records from personal accounts / devices or statement that none exist to be provided by Jan 5, 2018. - TCM 1/2/18 - Sent text messages from Councilmember Valderrama's personal phone as provided by him. - TCM 1/4/18 - Sent signed Nissen Affidavit via email. Closing request. - TCM
1831 Closed 11/24/2017 11/27/17 - Downloaded emails for all dates requested. Processed emails from Nov. 21, 2017. Sent non-exempt emails and search parameter screenshots via Hightail to requestor. Sent potentially exempt emails to City Attorney for review. Estimated return date TBD - TCM 11/28/17 - Processed emails from Nov. 7, Oct. 17, & Oct. 3, 2017. Sent non-exempt emails and additional search parameter screenshots for Tim Larson's personal email address via Hightail to requestor. Sent potentially exempt emails to City Attorney for review. Estimated return dates TBD. - TCM 12/5/17 - Processed emails from June 6, 2017. Sent non-exempt emails via Hightail to requestor. Sent potentially exempt emails to City Attorney for review. Estimated return date TBD. - TCM 12/6/17 - Processed emails from May 2, Feb 7, and Jan 25, 2017. Sent non-exempt emails via Hightail to requestor. Sent potentially exempt emails to City Attorney for review. Estimated return date TBD. - TCM 1/8/18 - Sent via email the scanned copy of Tim's paper copy of an email from July 11, 2017 with highlight marks. - TCM 1/30/18 - Sent remaining attorney reviewed emails via Hightail. - TCM
1830 Closed 11/22/2017 Referred to King County for as-built home plans. Home was built in 1996 before incorporation to Sammamish. LH
1829 Closed 11/22/2017 11/27/17: forwarded an unsigned copy to Ms. Grant. LH
1828 Closed 11/22/2017 11-27-17: Forwarded request to Anjali in Parks. LH Sent templates from Parks to Ms. Cesar. LH 12-7-17: Sent the word version of templates as requested. LH
1827 Closed 11/22/2017 11/22/17 - Created this new PRR at the request of the City Attorney's Office to have a written record of the amended request. 11/28/17 - Sent reviewed emails via Hightail. - TCM
1826 Closed 11/21/2017 11/27/17: Forwarded request to PW for a response. LH Sam Parks responded to request and sent documents. LH
1825 Closed 11/21/2017 11-27-17: downloaded permit details from TRAKIT and sent by email. LH
1824 Closed 11/21/2017 11/27/17: Forwarded to Public Works/Ben Ressler for a response. LH Ben sent documents to Ms. Mattson. LH
1823 Closed 11/20/2017 Emailed requested CARA/Geo Tech Report. 11/28/17 AK
1822 Closed 11/20/2017 11/20/17 - Request received via email. I printed and mailed a copy of the guide to Ms. Decker per the request. I did not charge a fee as I was under the impression that hard copies of the guide were previously provided as a courtesy. (I learned after the fact that this may not have been the case.) Per RCW 42.56.120(2)(e), we cannot charge for something that we routinely provide.
1821 Closed 11/20/2017 11/27/17 - Located an email with requested email address and sent it along with MS Exchange search parameters via email. - TCM
1820 Closed 11/20/2017 Sent requested documents via email. -AK 11/20/17
1819 Closed 11/20/2017 Sent via email requested documents. AK 11/20/17
1818 Closed 11/19/2017 11/30/17: Sent non-exempt emails. Forwarded confidential emails to Hillary via Hightail. Will be reviewed by Jan 12. MA 1/12/18: Sent installment #1. Installment #2 will be ready by 2/16/18. MA 2/16/18 - Installment 2 sent via Hightail. - TCM
1817 Closed 11/18/2017 Sent Trakit information via HIGHTAIL. LH
1816 Closed 11/17/2017 Sent email informing them that this information is available through King County Sherriff's Records Department. AK 11/21/17
1815 Closed 11/17/2017 11/27/17 - Working to locate maps. - TCM 11/30/17 - Provided webpage links for the Parks project page and GIS Maps which contain requested records. - TCM
1814 Closed 11/17/2017 11/27/17 - Working to process request. - TCM 11/30/17 - Provided a PDF of a similar map via email. The GIS team lost the original requested in the P drive failure earlier this year. - TCM
1813 Closed 11/16/2017 Emailed asking for more clarification regarding site, location and address per request. 11/21/17 AK 11/28/17 Tawni emailed Diane with requested documents. AK
1812 Closed 11/16/2017 11/20/17Emailed that we were working on request.-AK 11/21/17 Emailed most of requested documents, pending a visit to city hall to view Trakit documents. AK 12/01/17 Emailed Esther that I would be closing her request since I have not heard that she needed additional information in two weeks. AK
1811 Closed 11/16/2017 11/21/17 - Sent emails returned in Exchange search along with screen shots of search parameters via email. - TCM 11/22/17 - Request updated via email. Re-opened request and will work to process. - TCM 11/22/17 - Sent requested documents via email and closed request. - TCM
1810 Closed 11/16/2017 11/21/17 - Sent all plans, staff reports, and project details from TRAKiT via Hightail for PLN2011-00015, SDP2016-01262, and SDP2017-01701. - TCM
1809 Closed 11/15/2017 11/20/17 - Working to locate requested site plan. - TCM 11/21/17 - Scanned and emailed site plan and drainage plan from BLD2008-00591. - TCM
1808 Closed 11/15/2017 Sent letter from Tim's attorney via email. MA
1807 Closed 11/14/2017 Referred her to contact King County Sherriff's Records Department for this information. 11/15/17 AK
1806 Closed 11/14/2017 Sent request to Darci Donovan, Permit Center Manager- 11/14/17 AK Emailed requested documents. 11/15/17 AK
1805 Closed 11/14/2017 Sent scanned appeal documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
1804 Closed 11/14/2017 Sent email asking for more information needed to proceed with request. 11/14/17 AK Sent requested documents via email. Closed out request. 11/14/17 AK
1803 Closed 11/13/2017 11/20/17 - Sent email with estimated return date: Dec 1 - TCM 11/21/17 - Sent email clarifying term "community contributions" and asking whether that knowledge changes the request. - TCM 11/22/17 - Request amended via email with additional request. - TCM 11/27/17 - Sent statement from City Attorney to address request point #6. - TCM
1802 Closed 11/13/2017 11/15/17: Forwarded to Finance. MA 11/16/17: Sent document provided by Finance. MA
1801 Closed 11/13/2017 Hightailed docs from TRAKIT. LH