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The purpose and objective of Sammamish Home Grown – A Plan for People, Housing, and Community is to guide the implementation of the goals and policies adopted in the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan.  The City of Sammamish’s current Housing Strategy Plan was adopted in 2006. An updated housing strategy plan is needed to help the City implement the policies it adopted as part of the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan in 2015, which was later amended in 2016 to respond to a Growth Management Act (GMA) compliance challenge.  

Sammamish Home Grown will serve as a work plan that helps staff transform policies into near-term actions and determine priorities for the preferred strategies.  Sammamish Home Grown is not an action plan, nor is it a policy document in and of itself.  Sammamish Home Grown will identify the strategies and actions that align with the City's policies and address key housing gaps to analyze further in the short term.  The policy direction established in the Comprehensive Plan is broad and covers a twenty-year timeframe; Sammamish Home Grown will refine that into the most important actions to be taken in a shorter timeframe of roughly five years. 

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At a kick-off meeting in September 2017, the City officially commenced its update of the 2006 Housing Strategy Plan; the 2018 version of the Housing Strategy Plan has been renamed Sammamish Home Grown - A Plan for People, Housing, and Community.  The Sammamish Planning Commission is the lead advisory body reviewing Sammamish Home Grown.  The Planning Commission will ultimately make a recommendation for the City Council to consider in their review and deliberation prior to adoption of Sammamish Home Grown.

City staff are working in coordination with A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) staff in preparing for the Housing Strategy Plan planning process.  The Planning Commission, Human Services Commission, and City Council will have the opportunity to provide substantive input and direction to staff.  There will also be opportunity for public input to further inform the development of Sammamish Home Grown.  

The strategies will be developed around five categories, which align with the goals and policies in the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan.  The categories include: Housing Supply and Variety, Neighborhood Vitality and Character, Housing Affordability, Housing for People with Special Needs, and Regional Collaboration.

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Additional details will continue to be provided on the schedule for accomplishing this update and the major milestones in the process.  The planning process is expected to take a total of approximately one year, with adoption expected toward the end of 2018.