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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Previous Annexations


Like many cities, Sammamish is being encouraged to expand its city limits by annexing portions of unincorporated King County. To that end, the city developed an “annexation strategy” to guide its efforts in the coming years. A firm was hired (BHC Consultants) to conduct a study that examined many issues related to annexation: land use, zoning, infrastructure needs, financial issues, etc. In the course of the study, residents were asked to express their perspectives in public meetings, and in individual and group interviews. That public feedback, along with other study results was presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council in the “annexation strategy.”

Before land is annexed to a city it must first be identified as a Potential Annexation Area (PAA). Currently, all areas outside the city limits but inside the urban growth boundary are designated as PAA’s in addition to a portion of Soaring Eagle Park and Duthie Hill Road. For more information on how a PAA can annex to the City and for current annexations projects see below.

Mystic Lake Annexation

Camden Park / 244th Avenue North Area Annexation