ADA Transition Plan

ADA Transition Plan


In an effort to make Sammamish public facilities and programs accessible to all, the City has undertaken a comprehensive Transition Plan process. The Plan will identify barriers which impede access to City buildings, parks, and pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way.

City facilities will be surveyed based on compliance with current ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Title II standards. The planning process includes identification of physical barriers, categorization/prioritization of these barriers, and a schedule for barrier removal over time.

Public Involvement

The City's ADA Title II Transition Plan team will be at the Sammamish Farmer's Market on September 12, 2018 to talk about the Plan and gather community input regarding which barriers should be prioritized for removal.

Have an idea about how to make our City more accessible to people with limited mobility, vision, or hearing? Please take our online survey.

In late October, the City will be convening a focus group targeted toward individuals who are impacted by accessibility barriers, as well as groups that work with those individuals. If interested in participating, please get in touch with the Staff Contact listed below.


Aug. - Nov. 2018: Self-assessment and data collection

Sept. - Nov. 2018: Stakeholder outreach

Oct. - Nov. 2018: Barrier removal standards and policy review

Dec. 2018 - Mar. 2019: Implementation schedule development

Mar. - Jun. 2019: Draft and Final Plan


The total estimated funding required to complete this project is $243,000.


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