Right-of-Way, Pedestrian and Bikeway Assets Inventory


The City of Sammamish is conducting an inventory of public infrastructure and pavement assessment in City Rights-of-Way (ROW) and of public and private pedestrian and bikeway facilities. This information will be integrated into the Cityâ™s Geographic Information System (GIS) and used by various software programs such as microPAVER, TRAKiT, and Cityworks Asset Management.

Some of the data will also be used to update the Cityâ™s 2004 Trail, Bikeways and Paths Plan and the ADA Transition Plan. The pavement condition assessment results will inform the Cityâ™s prioritization of its Annual Pavement Management Program.  NOTE:  Please create a hyperlink to the Pavement Management Program.


The goals of this project are to collect physical attribute information of all publically-owned assets within the ROW as well as for pedestrian and bikeways outside of the ROW in digital format using LiDARor photogrammetric technology, and to conduct a city-wide condition assessment and rating of all publically owned streets. 


RFQ/PA Proposals are due March 1, 2016 at 4:00 PM PST

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