Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Wants You to Keep Them on a Leash

Release Date: May 09, 2019
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By Dash the Social Media Dog

1. We don’t want to frighten anyone.

One of the most important reasons we want to stay on a leash with you is because other people may be afraid of us...and we don’t want to scare anyone!

Humans can be skittish around animals they don’t know. We just want to say “Hi!” to all the humans and having you with us on a leash makes it easier for those important first encounters to be safe and happy for everyone.

Besides, if you’re with us on a leash, YOU can make new friends, too. It is our job to socialize our humans.

2. Other dogs may attack us!

You know how we’re big softies who wouldn’t harm anything intentionally? Well, not all dogs are like that…but we don’t know who’s naughty and who’s nice…we’re dogs! So we want you close to us just in case.

Believe me, we like it when you’re in control and can help us out if a situation gets tense…or worse. This is one reason why we say humans are dogs’ best friends.

3. It helps us both be better citizens.

When we’re together on a leash you know exactly when and where we do our “business” and can pick it up right away! This keeps parks, sidewalks, beaches, streams, etc. cleaner, safer, and healthier for all. Good human!

4. We don’t want to hurt anyone…including ourselves.

If we’re not joined by a leash, who knows what could happen?!? Seriously. We dogs are smart and all…but we also have short attention spans and are super attracted to shiny objects, things that move, things that don’t move…SQUIRREL! You get the picture.

If people go by us…running, walking, or bicycling…we think some dog's human has run away and our natural inclination is to chase them. We need you to hold us back so we don’t trip them up and possibly hurt them. Also to help keep us safe from the moving things that are bigger and faster than us…like cars. Going for a car ride: FUN! Going under a car: Bad. Very Bad.

When you keep us on a leash you are essentially saving us from ourselves. Thank you.

5. We’re crazy sometimes. Just sayin’.

You think you know us, but do you really? Because, just like you humans, we dogs can be moody and emotional at times, and can completely change our behavior in, like, a nanosecond.

I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. When we get spooked by things we may react in any number of ways. And, again, we’re looking at you to keep us in line. Leashes mean love.

6. Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

It’s a dangerous world out there and you, dear human, are strong and brave. Without you around we could get attacked by an angry goose or a hungry Sasquatch. Who knows what’s lurking out there? You do, human; so we want you close by to watch out for these things. Plus…you’re just so darn cute!

7. We don’t like being itchy or – worse – going to the vet.

Along the same lines, some plants are poisonous to dogs and can cause us serious health problems. Also, just like you, we can develop allergies which will cause itchy skin and possibly even blisters.

When you keep us on a leash you’ll know where we are and what plants are about, so we can both avoid dangerous situations.

8. We’ll eat anything. Seriously.

It’s not one of our finer qualities, but it’s our nature. Sure, we prefer to eat cheesy, meaty things…but we’re not picky. Which is another reason we need you to keep us on a leash with you. You’re our external self-control. You keep us away from poisonous plants, dead crabs that have been lying in the sun for a week, and other poopy things… Not eating the icky things means not having tummy trouble or getting sick and having to go to the vet. PLUS, it helps keep our breath sweet for when we kiss you.

9. You’re our buddy

You know that song by The Shangri-Las? “Leader of the Pack?” That’s what you are to us. You’re the leader of our little pack and being on a leash with you is a bonding experience extraordinaire! We look up to you, literally and figuratively, whenever we’re together. YOU’RE AWESOME!

10. We could lose you!

Has your dog told you how much they love you? That you’re their favorite person in the Whole Wide World? It's TRUE! You ARE their favorite! And not just because you give them cheese…although that is very lovely. They also love you because you’re SO CUTE! And smart! And snuggly! And know how to scratch them just right AND how to buy cheese!

Your dog sees the way other dogs look at you. They know that those other dogs, too, recognize your cuteness and all, and would love to have a human like you…and your dog doesn’t want to lose you! Have I mentioned how much they LOVE YOU?

Please stay on a leash with your dog…they would be heartbroken if they lost you.