Release Date: July 19, 2019

The earthquake we all felt on July 12 reminds us that we all need to take steps to prepare for a disaster and that emergencies can happen anytime - even when we're asleep.

While every Sammamish resident should take steps to ensure that they have at least two weeks’ worth of emergency supplies (food, water, medicine, etc.), those supplies are often not stored in the most convenient location. Some people keep a 72 hour or “Bug-Out” bag in their bedroom, but most people keep emergency supplies in their garage or stuffed away in a random bin. If you were woken up in the middle of the night and only had minutes to evacuate your home, would you really have time to grab it?

To supplement your emergency supplies, adding a WUSH or Wake Up, Stuff’s Happening bag can be important. WUSH bags are different from traditional emergency preparedness resources because they are:

  • Next to your bed, in a night stand, or under the bed. 
  • Easilt accessible - within arm’s reach from where you sleep so you can grab it and be out of your home in seconds.
  • Small and portable, so you can still collect your spouse, kids, pets, etc. without it getting in the way.
  • Pre-filled with the essentials you'll need to start your life over.

What Goes into a WUSH Bag?

  • Wallet & Cell Phone- Your wallet and phone should be within arms’ reach of where you sleep so you can easily throw them into your WUSH bag.
  • Backup USB Battery and Charging Cables – Have the ability to stay connected and charged even when power is out.
  • House & Car Key Copies – These should not be your daily use keys but a complete set of spares. Put them on a lanyard so they can be found quickly.
  • Backup USB Drive (3TB or greater!) – Store copies of all vital records (IDs, passports, insurance, Deeds, Credit Cards, Blank Checks, etc.), copies of computer files, family photos, phone numbers
  • Backup Printed Documents - Have printed copies of all family members’ important documents and IDs tucked into a pocket of your WUSH Bag.
  • Cash - Preferably at least a week’s worth of money. Credit, debit, and ATM services may be down following a disaster.
  • Medications – If you require any prescription medicine, have at least one weeks’ worth of backup medicine in your WUSH bag.
  • Old Prescription Glasses – An old set of glasses is better than not being able to see if required.
  • Flashlight – If you must evacuate in the middle of the night, power may be out, and a flashlight will assist you greatly
  • Miscellaneous little things relevant to you

Remember, a WUSH bag is NOT a full-blown emergency preparedness kit. It is meant to be a grab-and-go item. As such it should be very compact and easy to store and grab. It should have a strap to allow you to keep both arms free.

Final note: while not stored within your WUSH bag, keep a pair of shoes next to your bed to quickly throw on if there's an emergency. Many injuries occur when people try to evacuate their homes in bare feet and step on broken glass or other debris.

To learn more about the City’s Emergency Management Programs, please visit the our website: https://www.sammamish.us/government/departments/emergency-management/