Five sick trees will be removed from YMCA property just south of Pine Lake Middle School

Release Date: July 12, 2017

An arborist report prepared for the YMCA property on 228th Avenue SE, south of Pine Lake Middle School, has identified five Douglas Fir trees at the north-west corner of the property that are in poor health or in decline. The City is leasing this property from the YMCA and is responsible for the safety and upkeep of the land.

Based on the findings, we will be removing three or four of the trees at some point in July. One of them is dead, and two have structural defects and decreased crown health. A couple of the trees in question may be left as snags for wildlife habitat. These trees are in close proximity to the power lines along 228th Avenue SE and adjacent to the path of travel of school traffic.

Native, coniferous trees resistant to root decay will be planted as replacements. All replacement trees will be planted per SMC 21A.37.280.