Help keep storm drains clear!

Release Date: November 13, 2017

When it rains, street drains help to keep Sammamish neighborhoods from flooding. If leaves pile up and block these drains, water can back up and cause ponding that slows or stops traffic and can even flood yards and homes.

Our drainage crews and contractors work hard to maintain all of Sammamish’s drainage infrastructure, including storm drains on streets. But with thousands of drains spread all across the city, so we need your help too. You can help prevent flooding by paying attention to what’s happening with the drains on your block. A few small maintenance actions on your property can also prevent stormwater from ponding.

  • Do not put grass clippings, leaves and other landscaping debris in the street, ditches, culverts, ravines, or creeks.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the storm drains in front of your house or driveway culvert with a rake or shovel. Put them in your yard waste container or compost them in your yard. Do not just push the debris off of the storm drain and leave it in the street. The next storm will just wash the leaves down to the next storm drain and plug it up.
  • If the storm drain is still clogged after removing the debris, or to report illegal dumping of yard debris, please notify the city at, or call 425-295-0500 during regular work hours or 425-295-0700 after hours.