City Council Appoints 2018-2019 Sammamish Youth Board

Release Date: May 30, 2018

After receiving over 70 applicants, the City Council appointed 46 young people to serve on the 2018-2019 Sammamish Youth Board.


Members of the Sammamish Youth Board (SYB) have the unique opportunity to participate in making a difference in the community through interacting with City officials. The 2018-2019 SYB is comprised of 8th thru 12th graders representing 8 different schools serving Sammamish residents. In the past, SYB members have worked with City officials on issues varying from transportation to police services to community branding.


“The City of Sammamish is proud to have appointed such a highly qualified group of applicants to serve on the 2018-19 Sammamish Youth Board,” said City Manager Lyman Howard. “We find the unique perspectives that these young people provide to be invaluable to many City projects and planning processes.”


The 2018-2018 SYB will meet monthly beginning in September. If you have any questions about the SYB, please email Lynne Handlos, Recreation Coordinator at


2018-2019 Sammamish Youth Board Appointees


Tesla STEM High School

Lauren Kim, 12th grade

Meghan Oh, 11th grade

Aaditya Prasad, 9th grade


Skyline High School

Thevina Dokka, 10th grade

Shridhar Gaur, 10th grade

Ananya Goparaju, 11th grade

Aleena Haris, 11th grade

Jake Harper, 10th grade

Shirley Hu, 12th grade

Emma Lapinsky, 12th grade

Siya Mistry, 9th grade

Shweta Narayanan, 9th grade

Luis Cesar Sangueado, 12th grade

Nathan Shi, 9th grade

Jeremy Unger, 9th grade

Kushagra Verma, 10th grade

Amrita Vivekanandan, 11th grade

Serina Yasuda, 12th grade

Kavya Yerramilli, 9th grade


Inglewood Middle School

Ananya Ahuja, 8th grade

Chaithannya Thandu, 8th grade


Eastside Catholic High School

Aurora Anderson, 11th grade

Owen Bernstein, 12th grade

Tad Schaefer, 9th grade

Anika Wottreng, 11th grade


Eastlake High School

Shivali Ahuja, 10th grade

Caia Bornfreund, 11th grade

Jaskaran Dhillon, 9th grade

Devika Dwivedi, 9th grade

Rohan Krishnan, 10th grade

Jaime Lee, 12th grade

Giorgio Matessi, 11th grade

Liam McKorkle, 11th grade

Ndidi Nzenwa, 12th grade

Pranavi Peddibhotla, 10th grade

Layasri Ranjith, 10th grade

Atul Rao, 11th grade

Nabrath Sheriff, 11th grade

Shavi Sikaria, 12th grade

Gauri Srikumar, 10th grade

Emily Taylor, 10th grade

Rohan Thandu, 11th grade


Redmond High School

Mihir Sardesai, 12th grade


Beaver Lake Middle School

Shananda Dokka, 9th grade

Tara Thirumurthy, 8th grade


International Community School

Vivian Lee, 9th grade