Fireworks Possession and Discharge are Prohibited in Sammamish

Release Date: June 30, 2022
Fireworks Ban_NC.png

Don’t get a fine.
Fireworks possession and discharge are both prohibited in the City of Sammamish. First violation of fireworks discharge is punishable with a fine of $1,000. The fine for the second violation is $5,000. Read the ordinance: Sammamish Municipal Code - Fireworks

Don't be a fire starter.
It takes just one small spark to start a fire that can easily get out of control with the dry grass, trees and roofs all around us.

Watch a professional fireworks show by attending Fourth on the Plateau!
Please consider joining us for Fourth on the Plateau, a free event starting at 6pm on July 4th at the Sammamish Commons. We will have food trucks, kids activities, games and giveaways, with the fireworks show starting at 10pm. This is a safe and fun way to celebrate Independence Day that doesn’t endanger lives, homes, and nature.

Click here for information about Fourth on the Plateau.