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ISD New Elementary

Director of

Capital Projects, ISD

Tom Mullins
(425) 837 7038


The Issaquah School District (ISD) has proposed a new school, Elementary #16, at the property located on the west side of Issaquah-Pine Lake Road SE and SE Klahanie Boulevard. The project site is approximately 13 acres, and includes parcels 1524069008, 1524069026, and 1524069086. (See below vicinity site map for reference.)


Cedar Trails Elementary School opened on August 30, 2021.

aerial map indicating parcel for an elementary school project, with an irregularly shaped parcel that is currently lightly developed

ISD is required by the City of Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC) to obtain certain types of permits. The required permits, listed below, are all objective/non-discretionary. Any comments will be through the environmental review process.

  • Site Development Permit (for clearing and grading of the site)
  • Boundary Line Adjustment (to merge three parcels into one parcel)
  • Building Permits (for construction of the school buildings)
  • Right-Of-Way Permit and Deviation (from the Department of Public Works for street improvements and driveway relocations).
site plan for elementary school 16, showing building and grounds

SEPA - Environmental Review

ISD is required by the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) to notify the public when a SEPA checklist is available for review and comment. The checklist must identify any potential environmental impacts. Since ISD is the SEPA Lead Agency, all comments are to be directed to the ISD contact:

Tom Mullins, Director of Capital Projects, ISD
5051 220th Avenue SE, Issaquah, WA  98029


The permits required by the SMC do not include a public hearing process. Since there is no appeal process through the City of Sammamish, any appeals must be filed with the State of Washington Superior Court, in accordance with the Land Use Petition Act (Chapter 36.70C RCW).


photo of entrance to Cedar Trails Elementary School, a covered awning providing shelter over the doors into the modern style building
Front entrance of Cedar Trails Elementary School.