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Community Advisory Group

The Sammamish Climate Action Plan's Community Advisory Group (CAG) was a group of community stakeholders and representatives from organizations that provide services to Sammamish residents. The CAG helped shape the Climate Action Plan to respond to the needs and priorities of Sammamish's community.

Climate Action Plan Community Advisory Group Mission

To meet adopted climate goals, the CAG assisted the City in developing a Climate Action Plan that:

  • Includes a public awareness campaign roadmap;
  • Places action within the broader context of the impact of climate change on society;
  • Includes embraced, realistic, measurable, and scalable strategies and tools;
  • Is equitable in its application across the community and environmentally sustainable to local ecosystems.

The CAG assisted by:

  • Reviewing baseline assumptions framing climate goals;
  • Developing CAG original strategies for inclusion in the plan;
  • Completing early review of CAP materials and providing 'community focus' feedback on the practicality and viability of proposed draft strategies and tools;
  • Challenging the community to adopt and learn about causal effect through outreach and education;
  • Identifying potential CAP shortcomings.

Community Advisory Group Members

  • Lin Yang
  • Lindsey Desai
  • Steve Christensen
  • Phil Ritter
  • Aditi Kumarappan
  • Adam Osbekoff
  • Sudeshna Dixit
  • Ajay Chakrapani
  • Maanit Goel
  • Hongning Wang
  • Andy Tushsherer
  • Brandon Leyritz
  • Russell Joe
  • Jason Morse
  • Roberto Ruiz