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Climate Action Plan

Community Development

Planning Manager

Miryam Laytner
(425) 295 0623

Adopted in December of 2023, the Sammamish Climate Action Plan (CAP) aims to address the multifaceted challenges of climate change, complement broader regional, state, and federal efforts, and reach the City's goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and per capita Vehicle Miles Traveled.

The CAP will be further refined and augmented as the City's Sustainability Commission is formed and additional baseline data is obtained and analyzed. The plan will be a living document that is continually reviewed and updated to align with changes in science and technology, best practices, and community needs. 

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Achieving the CAP's objectives will require collective efforts from all community members to reshape the energy landscape and foster a more sustainable future for Sammamish.

Learn more about the implementation of the CAP, other sustainability efforts, and what you can do by visiting the Climate Action Plan HomeSustainable Sammamish, and the Sammamish Climate Challenge.