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Natural Resource and Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Rose Weiker
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The City of Sammamish is pleased to announce that on December 5, 2023 the City Council formally approved the final version of the first Sammamish Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP is the culmination of over a year's collaboration among various stakeholders and alignment with existing city plans, ensuring that Sammamish moves towards a net-zero emissions target by 2050.

This home page will be updated as the city continues it's work on CAP implementation with the Sustainability Commission.


Climate Action Plan
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The Sammamish Planning Commission, City Council, and CAP Community Advisory Group (CAG) were essential in the CAP's evolution, reviewing baseline data and actively shaping its goals, strategies, and actions.  The approved CAP sets the stage for Sammamish to transition to clean energy sources, electrify buildings and transportation, enhance water and natural resource programs, reduce waste, and strengthen climate resiliency.  

The CAP emphasizes a targeted approach to emissions reduction and is grounded in regional frameworks to ensure alignment with established best practices. To achieve the goals outlined in this plan, the City will need to invest in low-carbon energy, sustainable transportation, and resiliency solutions. Recognizing that the value of a plan lies in its execution, the City combines strategic measures with robust stakeholder collaboration to address the multifaceted challenges of climate change. 

The City has created a new commission to support the City’s climate goals and implementation of the Climate Action Plan. Commissioners will serve staggered four-year terms, with the initial term lengths ranging from one to four years.