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Help Keep Stormwater Clean

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We all need to do our part to protect and improve the quality of water in our local creeks, rivers, lake and wetlands. Where adequate stormwater infrastructure does not exist, rainwater that runs off of our yards and streets flows into storm drains or ditches and directly into the nearest body of water without treatment.

Through simple actions in our daily lives, we can help keep pollutants out of stormwater and keep our local waterways, such as Beaver Lake, Ebright Creek and Lake Sammamish, clean and healthy.

Ways you can help

Here are some things you can do at home to reduce stormwater pollution:

Handle Waste Safely

Dispose of waste properly and report any spills.

Improve Drainage

Consider replacing impervious surfaces like sidewalks, decks and driveways around your home with pervious materials or directing stormwater to low impact development best management practices. Examples of low impact development include installation of rain gardens or dispersion trenches to reduce directed surface water discharges.

Wash Right

Use a commercial car washing facility and make sure your automobile isn’t leaking fluids. 

Pressure Washing

Avoid pressure washing hard surfaces and always capture dirty wash water or direct to a vegetated area.

Practice Natural Yard and Garden Care

Reduce the use of hazardous products while saving time, water, money, and helping to preserve the environment.

Pick Up Pet Waste

Practice proper waste disposal.

Properly Care for Pools and Spas

Pool and spas contain chemicals that can damage the aquatic life in our lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands.

Keep Leaves and Debris Out of Storm Drains

  • Check storm drain grates and the surrounding area frequently to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.
  • Rake leaves away from storm drains and gutters near your house or business and dispose of leaves in your yard waste container or compost bin.
  • Do not remove the grate from the storm drain opening – this does not unclog the system and creates a hazard for everyone.
  • Do not rake or blow leaves from your property into the streets. Our street sweeper cannot pick up large piles of leaves. It also a violation of Sammamish Municipal Code and could result in warning or even a fine.

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