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Storm and Surface Water Management

Report Spills and Flooding

(425) 295 0500

Public Works After Hours Dispatch

(425) 295 0700
curb cut draining stormwater from the street into a vegetated strip between the road and sidewalk

The Storm and Surface Water Management Program of the City of Sammamish Public Works Department addresses storm and surface water quality (pollution) and quantity (flood control) in the City.

How to report issues

Report a drainage problem online at My Sammamish.

Report a spill online or call the Spill Hotline:

  • Weekdays 8:30 am to 5:00 pm: call (425) 295-0500
  • Evenings and weekends: call (425) 295-0700

Stormwater Program and Resources

Below are resources for managing stormwater runoff. Learn best practices you can employ at home and in your business to help keep our waters clean.

Help Keep Stormwater Clean
Learn about every day actions you can take to improve water quality in our local streams, rivers and lakes!
Learn More
Storm & Surface Water Projects
Check out some of the projects the City is working on to improve water quality in the City.
Learn More
Green Infrastructure & Low Impact Development (LID)
Learn about Low Impact Development (LID). You’ll discover how green infrastructure can be used to manage stormwater and protect the City's water resources.
Learn More
Source Control
View our Business Inspection and Stormwater Pollution Prevention program to help prevent stormwater pollution from businesses and government properties
Source Control
Stormwater Utility and Inspections
The City's stormwater utility, rates and system development charges.
Learn More
Stormwater Policies and Regulations
Learn about our City’s compliance with the federal stormwater permit. This regulates all discharge of stormwater and wastewater to the waters of the State.
Learn More
Water Quality Monitoring
The City monitors water quality in its streams, rivers and other water bodies. Learn about some of these monitoring effects.
Learn More

Stormwater Projects